Template:Policy Navigation Template:Policy overview The Detective Conan Wiki is using CBox which is a chat box that is mostly been added on the social web. We have some rules by using the CBoxes so please do follow the rules that has been placed here.


  • Do not make personal attacks, insults or other forms of harassment or evenly death treatments. Any form of behavior that others on the channel find offensive, hurtful, or annoying is not acceptable. Common sense is emphasized.
  • Do not add your e-mail at the right side of the box. Do not leave your e-mail at the right side of the Cbox, can be that you will receive death treatments or anything else that has been said in the first rule through your hotmail account.
  • Do not advertise. Do not advertise any websites or anything else that is unrelated to the Detective Conan series.


The CBox is accessible for everyone who like to chat with each other evenly if you're not logged in or doesn't have a account here on wikia.