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The first volume of Detective Conan.

The Manga (名探偵コナン漫画, Meitantei Konan Manga?) series of Detective Conan has been written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama since 1994. He got his work published by Shueisha in the weekly magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday. With 15 years and counting of publication, Detective Conan has amassed over 1000 chapters and 98 volumes. Gosho obtained the nickname: "Striving Star of Shōnen Sunday" thanks to his hit manga Detective Conan. Gosho Aoyama thought that the series would be less than three months in publication, but has seen how extremely popular the series is.

Aoyama says he spends an average of four hours for each new case in his manga; a more complicated story can take more than twelve hours. Each case Gosho comes up with starts with "Series Part" (シリーズ第話, Shirīzu Dai Wa?) and ends with "Series Conclusion" (シリーズ解決編, Shirīzu Kaiketsu-hen?). The part of each series depends on how difficult looking the case is, or if there is something coming next to it. Mostly it happens by the Black Organization arc, the main antagonists of the series. Series Conclusion contains the resolution of the case that has been explained in details in simple terms. Aoyama tries to keep the language simple to help his readers follow the story.

Aoyama's drawing style has drastically changed in the times of his series. He stated that he prefer to draw with long lines to keep the art in detail. It is unknown how Gosho draws his art, but he mostly uses the top of the hair of each character shaded to white. It can be that their head shines, as what happens in reality.

In each volume of the manga, Gosho added his famous detectives from the Golden Age of Detective Novels and also recommends to you which of their adventures is the best. He explains who they are and what they do. Not only that, Gosho Aoyama also gives away comments that what happens by every manga and light novel. Gosho also shows a lot of art by his manga. He draws the detectives that he introduces himself, showing his avatar's death in many ways, and a character key hole and in the mid of the tankōbon volume, various face expression of Conan or what Conan is doing.

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