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Template:TOC This is a Frequently asked question page, which this guide address all issues and questions a user may have while editing the Detective Conan Wiki. If there aren't any questions that you wanted to ask, then tell it to our administrators.



Why does some images at the Detective Conan Wiki have been deleted?

It can be that your image has not passed the standard procedure of our image policy. It can be that your image has a very low resolution, or contains to be very blurry, which that we do not see no other option than to delete it. It can also be that the name of the image is bad titled, something that we really dislike at this wiki. Also, if the image isn't tagged within a week, then the image will be deleted after a week if it isn't tagged. This is because we wan to have contributors to find their images back easily.

Can images be used as place holder?

No, the Detective Conan Wiki is a wiki were we use high quality images, rather than low quality images. If there is a low quality image in a page somewhere that is being used as a place holder, the image will be deleted in a instant. We only use high quality images, instead of low quality images.

User behaviour

Administrators responds boldly towards contributors.

Normally we don't, but if there are any users who can't handle the Detective Conan policy, then we do not see any potential in you. We are not a playground wiki, we are a wiki who wants to give information to everyone about the Detective Conan series. Contributors like this contributor who couldn't handle one of our policies, is getting one of our administrator's worse behaviour. We don't feel OK by this treatment, but we do not accept uncivil behaviour.