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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
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Hidemi Hondou (本堂 瑛海, Hondō Hidemi?) is an undercover CIA Agent operating as a Nichiuri TV Announcer who is also known by her alias Rena Mizunashi (水無 怜奈, Mizunashi Rena?) and by her Black Organization Codename Kir (キール, Kiru?), is a supporting character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Hidemi Hondou

Hidemi Hondou is the eldest daughter of Ethan Hondou and Mrs. Hondou, with Eisuke Hondou being her younger brother.

In the past, Eisuke Hondou developed a leukemia which caused Hidemi to donate her bone marrow to cure his disease, thus changing Eisuke's Blood Type from O to AB. With both siblings now sharing the same blood type, Hidemi was able to donate blood to Eisuke when he was injured in a car accident.

Rena Mizunashi

After many years, Hidemi decided to go to America and follow his father's footsteps by joining the CIA. Realizing the danger she is about to involve herself with, she cuts off ties with everyone she knew personally. She was then sent to go and join her father Ethan in Japan who is currently infiltrating the Black Organization. Hidemi's mission was to help a middleman named Barney to join the secret criminal syndicate since the previous middleman who used to be in contact with Ethan Hondou was killed. Should she successfully execute her mission, she would be faking her death and be able to leave the organization for good. However, due to his father's suicide and the death of Barney, Hidemi was obligated to stay in the organization and continued his father's mission.


After Hidemi "killed" his father who "interrogated" and "tortured" her for information, the Boss promotes Rena Mizunashi and gives her the Black Organization Codename "Kir" in recognition of her loyalty and sheer savageness.


Hidemi Hondou is an average slim woman with blue eyes and dark brown hair. Hidemi's hair is usually ponytailed and her eyes resemble that of her mother and younger brother.


Despite having to maintain undercover within the Black Organization, Hidemi Hondou remains a sympathetic person and tries to preserve as many lives as she can, causing Gin to get suspicious of her sometimes.


Physical Abilities

Hidemi Hondou appears to be a skilled driver, being able to perform tricks with a motorbike.

Plot Overview

Kir Arc

Hidemi Hondou first met Conan Edogawa in her newscaster identity as "Rena Mizunashi". For some time, Rena had been stalked at her own housedoor, with someone ringing her doorbell on Saturdays and leaving sleeping pills left on her doorstep. With this disturbing development, Rena's friend Yoko Okino then decided to call in Kogoro Mouri, who came of course in Ran and Conan's company.

In order to track down the culprit, Conan pasted an audio bug next to her door. Eventually, the stalker turned out to be a young boy who appears to be a fan of Rena because she ostensibly resembles and reminds him of her late mother.

When Rena was transferred to a different time schedule, the young boy thought that the reason she didn't showed up in TV on Saturday mornings was because she overslept. Thus, he rings her doorbell to wake her up in order to see her more regularly on TV, and he had deposited the pills so she could have more restful sleeps. Facing these facts, Rena gently encouraged the young boy to get over his mother's death and start his own life now.

Shortly after Conan and the others left, Rena also departed. However, in the process, Conan's bug also fell off and accidentally got stuck to the sole of Rena's shoe. Right afterwards, much to Conan's immense shock, Rena, who is revealed to be the Black Organization Member "Kir", made a call to no other than Gin who directed her to the attempted assassination of the Politician Yasuteru Domon. Under the guise of a TV interview, Kir was to guide him to a place where he could be easily eliminated by the Black Organization Snipers Chianti and Korn.

Conan of course decided to intervene, and he, along with Professor Hiroshi Agasa and Ai Haibara took up the pursuit. They also met FBI Agent Jodie Starling who decided to tag along as well. With the limited info gather by Conan through his audio bug, their combined efforts barely managed to thwart the assassination. However, the Black Organization decided to execute a backup plan, with Kir pursuing their target on a motorbike. When the FBI attempted to apprehend Vermouth, an accident occurred and they were shocked that learn that it was actually Kir that they have captured, mistaking her for the intended target. The accident caused Kir to be critically injured, falling into a coma. She was then delivered into the Haido Central Hospital and kept under constant guard of the FBI.

Shortly after Kir was hospitalized, a clumsy young man named Eisuke Hondou moved into the neighborhood and decided to tag along with Kogoro Mouri. Eisuke's suspicious behavior and his astonishing physical similarity to Kir lead Conan to believe that there is some sort of connection between him and Rena Mizunashi.

In time, Hidemi awakened from her coma and it turned out that Eisuke was in fact Rena's younger brother, who had been looking for her after she had inexplicably disappeared. She was in fact an agent of the CIA who had taken her father's place as a mole in the Black Organization following a blunder on her part, which had forced her father to sacrifice himself to save his daughter and maintain her cover. FBI Agent Shuichi Akai then offers Hidemi a deal to return to the Black Organization and provide the FBI with information concerning the secret criminal syndicate, in exchange of protecting his younger brother, Eisuke, through the FBI's Witness Protection Program. Hidemi then agrees to this negotiation.

After the Black Organization successfully retrieved Kir back from the FBI, Gin is suspicious of how ineffective the FBI's plan was and that Shuichi Akai didn't make a strong move. Gin thinks that Akai is still hiding something and that doubt is relayed to the Boss who plans a test of Kir's loyalty. Meanwhile, Andre Camel becomes a suspect in a coincidental murder case. The Black Organization hears about it, and taking advantage of the FBI's distraction, Gin orders Kir to call Akai out to meet with her and kill him to regain the Boss' trust. Kir meets with Akai at Raiha Pass and apparently kills him. In reality, however, Akai survived, thanks to the plan he, Kir, and Conan had come up with to fool the Black Organization.

After Kir regained her standing in the Black Organization, she continues to feed information to both the FBI and the CIA. She calls Jodie Starling and informs her that the Black Organization Member codenamed Bourbon has been dispatched to track down the renegade, Sherry.

Bourbon Arc

As the Department Store Bomber Case takes place, the Black Organization spots a man resembling Shuichi Akai coincidentally recorded in the news. Despite this, however, Vodka assumed that the person they saw is just a splitting image of Akai, since there is no way that he could have survived after witnessing Shuichi's death in the video transmitted from the camera that was attached in Kir's collar. Gin does not believe that these occurrences are nothing but mere coincidence, hence his suspicion towards Kir arises again assuming that she and Shuichi might have set up some kind of trick to deceive them. It turns out the the Akai they saw in the news was actually Bourbon in disguise, testing the reactions of the FBI Agents to confirm his death, since Bourbon does not believe that Akai would be killed that easily. Gin ultimately relents after Vermouth informs him of what was really happening. Kir then manages to survive the situation.

Sometime later, after the FBI and NPA Security Bureau's confrontation at Raiha Pass, Kir emails Subaru Okiya that the Black Organization's Second-In-Command, Rum, is on the move. Subaru then informs the FBI about this discovery, which is overheard by Conan through an audio bug.

Rum Arc

Kir is seen along with other Black Organization Members in an attempt to eliminate the FBI Agents snooping around the area. Conan Edogawa happens to discover one of the corpses of the FBI Agents and as he examines the crime scene, he is spotted by Chianti on the rooftop, requesting permission from Gin to shoot the shrunken detective. Gin permits the assassination, however, he was stopped by Kir, stating that people are already gathering near the corpse. The Black Organization then flees the area soon after.


  • Kir is a popular French Cocktail made with a measure of Crème De Cassis (Blackcurrant Liquor) topped up with White Wine.
  • According to Shuichi Akai, Hidemi Hondou's Alias "Rena Mizunashi" is actually a mnemonic for 007, the Service Number of the Fictional MI6 Agent James Bond.
    • "Mizunashi" (水無), meaning "No Water", is a subtle reference to "Zero" (Zero Water).
    • "Rena" (怜奈) is a contraction of the numbers "Zero" (Rei) and "Seven" (Nana).
    • "Hondou" (本堂) comes from "Bondo" (ボンド), the Japanese Pronounciation of Bond.
  • Hidemi Hondou's Vehicles are a Silver Citroen Hatchback and a Dark Colored NC Mazda MX-5 with a Power Retraceable Hardtop.
  • Hidemi Hondou is right-handed.


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