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Kaito Kuroba (黒羽 快斗, Kuroba Kaito), also known as the notorious Phantom Thief Kaitou Kid (怪盗 キッド, Kaitō Kiddo), is the main protagonist in the manga and anime franchise Magic Kaito and a minor recurring antagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.




Canon Plot Overview

Conan Arc

Vermouth Arc

Boss' Cell Phone Number Arc

Kir Arc

Bourbon Arc

Rum Arc

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  • Kaito Kuroba's Full Name means/comes from the following:

    • "Kaito" (快斗) comes from "Kaitou" (怪盗) which means "Phantom Thief".

    • "Kuroba" (黒羽) means "Black Feather".

    • Kaito's Family Name "Kuroba" (黒羽) is a transliteration of "Clover", which also appears on the Tag of Kaitou Kid's Monocle.

  • Kaito Kuroba's Character Design is derived from the Fictional Character Kaito Lupin from Gosho Aoyama's Manga Nonchalant Lupin.

  • Kaito Kuroba and Shinichi Kudo have similar Character Designs and the same Voice Actor as an Adult.

    • Kaito resembles Shinichi so much that even Ran and Sonoko mistook him for Shinichi as shown in Episode 76.

    • Kaito does not use a Latex Mask when disguising as Shinichi.

  • Kaito Kuroba seems to have Ichthyophobia, the Fear of Fish.

  • Kaito Kuroba is right-handed.