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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
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Kazuha Toyama  (遠山 和葉, Tōyama Kazuha?), the childhood friend and the romantic interest of Heiji Hattori, is a supporting character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Kazuha and Heiji Hattori have been close friends since childhood. Their fathers work together at the Osaka Police station, where Kazuha's father, Ginshiro Toyama is a close friend and partner of Heiji's father, Police Chief Heizo Hattori.


Kazuha has a fairly slim and curvaceous, athletic build just like Ran. She has brown hair which she mostly keep as a neck length pony tail, she often ties ribbons of different colors


Kazuha is rather tomboyish and hot temper Moreover she is also highly confrontational, and unafraid of letting others know about her dislike, even showing no hesitation or concern in confronting Heiji in a men's restroom. However this allowed her to become good friends with Ran despite her initially mistaken her as Heiji's new girlfriend and the Kudo He was talking about and took an initial deep dislike to Ran out of jealousy.

Kazuha has difficulty expressing her affection and approval which is much harder for her to express it most significantly with regard to Heiji she is perfectly aware of her feelings for him and, after a few initial attempts to deny it to Ran, openly discusses her love for Heiji with her.

Kazuha also has a marked belief in spirits, good-luck charms, and other superstitions. Right from her first experience, she displayed her belief in the importance of hers and Heiji's omamori, charms which Kazuha made to protect her and Heiji from harm. And indeed, during the case in which this is revealed, Heiji lent Conan his omamori, and the metal inside the charm stopped a knife blade that could have killed Conan.

On subsequent cases, Kazuha is quick to attribute mysterious shadows and strange events to ghosts and other malignant spirits, which usually sends Ran into panic as well, though she herself does not possess a morbid fear of ghosts as much as Ran does.

Canon Plot Overview

Sherry Arc

Soon after Heiji made Conan/Shinichi's acquaintance, he invited Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to Osaka. Several times throughout the day Ran felt herself being watched by a pair of malevolent eyes. At lunchtime that day, a girl sat down and, to Conan's horror and Ran's bafflement, addressed Ran as "Kudo." She warned "Kudo" to stay away from Heiji, who soon returned and sets her right. Heiji introduced her as his childhood friend Kazuha and introduced Ran as Kudo's girlfriend- which Ran hotly denied -, whereupon Ran asked them if they are together, which Kazuha and Heiji hotly denied in turn.

Vermouth Arc

Heiji nearly fell off a cliff during his investigation. Kazuha saved him, but overbalanced and fell off the cliff herself. Heiji jumped after her, managing to grab her wrist with his left hand and a jutting branch with his right. However, the branch began to bend, so Kazuha stabbed Heiji's hand in an attempt to make him let her go and save himself. Despite the wound, Heiji did not let go, and managed to save the both of them.

Heiji and Kazuha were kidnapped by a corrupt lawyer in an attempt to force Heiji to crack a code. When he wouldn't comply, the lawyer decided to kill them both. Heiji asked to be allowed to say a few last words to Kazuha, claiming he had to tell her something he had wanted to say for a long time. This, it turned out, was a ploy to distract the lawyer, but when it failed, Heiji, with a gun to his head, told Kazuha that "I meant it when I said my last words were for you" and promised, if they survived, to tell them to her "until you're sick of hearing it." Afterward, when she asked him what he was going to say, he panicked and insisted that he had wanted to tell her that her ponytail had been tickling him while they were handcuffed together - which earned him an enraged slap in the face.

Kazuha goes to stay at Ran's house because after the end of Heiji's desperation. He went to stay at home and there was news in the neighborhood that there was an arson in the village, but he asked for an investigation first and then returned

Boss' Cell Phone Number Arc

Heiji and Kazuha have dropped by for a surprise visit at the Mouri Detective Agency. The gang then goes to a pasta restaurant where Heiji wants to go see a baseball game the next day, while Kazuha wants to see a Takarazuka theater show. Mouri decides that to figure out where to go, they will have a deduction contest on a case that Mouri just received. Kazuha then says that it's unfair, because Heiji is a great detective. Hence, Mouri says that he will support Kazuha in the case. Heiji notices that Kogoro wants to see showgirls at the theater. Ran also supports Kazuha, since they're good friends, leaving Conan on Heiji's side.

Kir Arc

Bourbon Arc

Rum Arc

Non-Canon Plot Overview



TV Specials

Special Manga


  • Kazuha Toyama's Given Name "Kazuha" (和葉) comes from one of Gosho Aoyama's Assistants and is also derived from "Kazu" (和) meaning "Peace, Harmony" and "Ha" (葉) meaning "Leaf".
    • Kazuha's Family Name "Toyama" (遠山) comes from the Fictional Edo Period Police Detective Kagetomo Toyama.
  • Kazuha Toyama and Heiji Hattori, throughout the series, often appear in long cases setting in isolated and remote locations.
  • Kazuha Toyama is right-handed.


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