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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
Do not read beyond this point if you want to avoid being spoiled.

Kogoro Mouri (毛利 小五郎, Mōri Kogorō?) is a Famous and Professional Private Detective who is also known as "Sleeping Kogoro" (ねむり の 小五郎, Nemuri No Kogorō?), is a protagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Most of Kogoro's Early Life is unknown. He was a Childhood Friend of Eri Kisaki who would later become his future wife. He attends Teitan High School with Eri Yukiko Fujime and Actress Ruri Ujo and in Beika University and was the Ace of the Judo Team although he was highly vulnerable to stage fright.

Sometime after graduating and married Eri, he had a Daughter named Ran and later become a police officer, working in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Division One with Inspector Megure, but while an excellent marksman he was not a particularly good investigator. However, Ninzaburo Shiratori had mentioned that Kogoro and Megure were famous for the way they apprehended criminals. He also worked for some time under Inspector Yuminaga in the arson division. Around the time Kogoro left the police force, Eri also moved out and lived separately for 10 year due to many reasons such as Eri's Bad Cooking.


Kogoro is a fairly tall and fit man and is reasonably good-looking. He has high cheekbones, a short mustache, and short black hair. His hair is constantly slicked back with two loose locks hanging across his forehead.


Kogoro has an overinflated sense of his own importance and detective prowess to the point where he doesn't investigate why he is suddenly and consistently passing out at crime scenes and solving cases in his sleep with different deductions than he was making while awake. Kogoro is also frequently unprofessional in his work, frequently making sarcastic and blunt comments about suspects or even his own clients. On cases, Kogoro is typically lax with his deductions and investigation, following only the most obvious clues or assumptions to reach his conclusions, which are often silly or fall directly into a culprit's trap.

The police, especially Megure, often find him to be an embarrassment while awake and hope to see "Sleeping Kogoro" as soon as possible. Kogoro does have a serious side which only emerges when the case has personal importance to him, such as when Eri and Ran are involved. When this happens, Kogoro's entire personality and demeanor change and he begin to act professionally, demonstrating improved deductive skills and cunning. While he is not up to the standards of Shinichi and he still can have problems with finding clues, his logical reasoning becomes better, and Kogoro often demonstrates he has a better sense of interpersonal relationships than Shinichi does.

Kogoro can easily become infatuated with beautiful women. His favorite celebrity is pop idol Yoko Okino, and he never misses (or tries not to miss) her television shows. He also keeps a large collection of Yoko related goods and his office and bedroom have Yoko posters. Because of his flirtatious behavior around attractive women, he often embarrasses Ran, and while it is not stated as the reason why Eri left him, it is one of the primary reasons why she hasn't come back together with him. Kogoro also likes to drink lotsof beer, which is why Ran and Shinichi thinks he's hilarious or crazy.


Intellectual Abilities

Kogoro's skills as a Detective is poor and is fairly a incompetent Detective mostly being incompetent or lazy often missing clues and jumping to the wrong conclusions, though several of these conclusions are shared by other people on the scene. However, Kogoro does follow the proper police procedures, asks questions without Conan's Assistance follows leads quite well.

Physical Abilities

Kogoro is an expert in judo. He was on the judo team while he was at Beika University.

Canon Plot Overview

Conan Arc

Kogoro has constantly complained about how Shinichi is the reason he isn't getting any work While Ran points out it can't be helped as Shinichi is a very good detective.

When Shinichi was turned into a child by the Black Organization and took the Alias, Conan Edogawa in order to avoid the Black Organization from finding out he alive. Kogoro is requested by phone to find Akiko Tani, who is suspected to have been kidnapped by “a large man dressed in black”. Kogoro then immediately calls a taxi to go to the Tani mansion in Yayoi, without knowing that Ran and Conan have already jumped in with him.

When the three arrive at the Tani household, Kogoro questions some of the household members about the details of the kidnapping. However, Conan’s continuous interference gets on his nerves, even to the point that he wants to “kill” the boy after solving the case. Later, with help from Conan’s hints, Kogoro is able to come to the conclusion that the house butler is behind the kidnapping. However, Akiko Tani has already been abducted in truth by someone else. After the case is over, it is revealed that the first kidnapping was just a set-up by the girl with the help from the butler, while the second one was by mere chance. Kogoro then laughs in satisfaction and takes all the credits for himself while Conan is actually the one to release the dog and locate Akiko. In the end, Kogoro finally accepts Conan and adopts him, feeling that with the boy around, “he will solve the cases smoothly as silk”. With this statement, Kogoro is, ironically, correct.

After the Kidnapping Case, Conan wakes up in the morning and finds a slothful Kogoro drinking beer and watching television shows, including the musical performance of his idol star, Yoko Okino. Agasa advises Conan to build Kogoro into a great detective, in order to find cases related to the Black Organization, but Conan doubts if that is even possible given Kogoro's laziness.

Busying enjoying one of Yoko Okino’s shows, Kogoro tells a new client to come back the next day. However, after discovering that his client is none other than Yoko herself, he rushes to his room and cleans up into an impeccable suit. Yoko explains she is being stalked and agreed to investigate her apartment secretly (after asking for her personal information and an autograph). However, to everyone's shock, when they arrive at the apartment there is a dead body inside. Kogoro orders them to call the Police and is furious when Yoko’s manager, Eiichi Yamagishi, tries to dissuade him in order to protect Yoko from the media. When Inspector Megure arrives, he gets depressed about his old subordinate’s appearance, thinking of him as the one who always makes the situation turns into a “nightmare”.

Conan's investigations once again annoy Kogoro while Kogoro tries to defend Yoko despite the apparent evidence that she committed the murder. He repeatedly accuses Eiichi of being the murderer, as he has a copied key, though there's no proof of either person's guilt or innocence. He switches suspicions to fellow idol Yuko Ikezawa after Yuko's earring is discovered in the apartment. When Yuko is trapped into admitting she was the "stalker" but still denies being the murderer, he switches back to accusing Eiichi. Realizing Kogoro’s mistake, Conan kicks an ash-tray at his head, knocking him unconscious. He uses the Voice-Changing Bowtie that Agasa has given to him earlier to imitate Kogoro’s voice, and points out that the case is in fact a suicide. Kogoro wakes up after the case is solved when the cigarette in his hand starts to burn his fingers. After the case, Kogoro reputation as a detective spread, and eventually gain more work

Sherry Arc

Vermouth Arc

Boss' Cell Phone Number Arc

Kir Arc

Bourbon Arc

Kogoro buys an expensive necklace as a birthday present to Eri Kisaki without telling Ran or Conan beforehand. Ran and Conan find out about this when they discover the receipt in Kogoro's wallet. Later on, Ran manages to win them a family trip to Shizuoka with Kogoro's lottery ticket and invites Eri to a birthday dinner with Kogoro, Ran and Conan.

The dinner doesn't go as well as planned. Kogoro behaves in his usual casual manner, acting indifferent to Eri's presence and seemingly having no intention of giving Eri the necklace. Later that night, a murder occurs in Eri's hotel room. Kogoro immediately devotes himself to solving the case and after receiving hints from Conan, and with both Conan and Eri's help with his deduction, uncovers the murderer's identity.

After the case is closed, Kogoro steps up to give Eri the present. It turns out that Kogoro had remembered Eri's birthday as Sports Day (taiiku no hi) and the recent date change of Sports Day had made his birthday present one day late. While he was flustered and frustrated by his mistake, Eri decides that she still wants it because she could tell that Kogoro deeply cares for her. However, she opens the package and finds out that Kogoro had, due to his carelessness, given her a Buddhist rosary (nenju) that he had bought for the owner of Poirot, while Eri's birthday present was lying in his desk drawer all along.

Kogoro narrates this case like he's the main character. Everything is explained specifically with Kogoro's inner monologue, as well as his moments turning into "Sleeping Kogoro" where he concludes that he uses his brain too much until he's unconscious and let his "other self" to solve the case. He also mentions the weird pick sensation on his neck before everything happens.

Rum Arc

Non-Canon Plot Overview



TV Specials

Special Manga


  • Kogoro Mouri's Given Name "Kogoro" (小五郎) comes from the Fictional Character Kogoro Akechi, by Japanese Author Ranpo Edogawa.
    • Kogoro Mouri's Family Name "Mouri" (毛利毛利) is derived from Maurice Leblanc (モーリス・ルブラン, Mouri-su Ruburan), Author of the Famous Arsène Lupin Series.
  • Kogoro Mouri seems to have Acrophobia, the Fear of Heights.
  • Kogoro Mouri is right-handed.


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