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The Mansion Murder Case (邸宅殺人事件, Teitaku Satsujin Jiken?) is the first murder case that has been introduced of the start of the Detective Conan series. This case spans only Chapter 1, the beginning of Episode 1 is based from this case. This case has been solved by Shinichi Kudō the main protagonist of the series.



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The wife of the landlord has been murdered. Known is probably that the wife of the landlord has been locking the door while she was in the room she has been murdered and that the culprit has jumped from one window to another. It is impossible for a person in achieving such thing because the two windows are only 5 meters apart.


Shinichi stated that the culprit have jumped from one window to a other before everyone heard the victim's scream and came running because there were no footprints found outside the windows. Shinichi says that it isn't evenly 2 meters to climb up the wall to the roof which he didn't know about the mansion unique structure. Shinichi then tells that the landlord is the one who have murdered his own wife.


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The landlord tried to convince Shinichi that he isn't the one who have killed his wife because of his injured leg. Shinichi then tells him that he should cut off with the act which he kicks under the wheel chair of the landlord which has revealed that the landlord's leg wasn't injured at all. Shinichi then tells him that his leg was cured three months ago, which Inspector Megure tells him that he contacted with his doctor and that he told them everything about it. The landlord then tries to escape but failed after that Shinichi has seen a world globe on the ground. Shinichi kicked the globe straight to the back of the landlord head which he is knocked down on the floor and got arrested. A day later after the case, Shinichi again managed himself to be ranked in fame as a teenage detective.Template:-

Differences between anime and manga


  • In the anime, the one who became the victim of murder isn't the landlord's wife but the landlord's partner Mr. Yamazaki.
  • In the manga, it is not showed how the landlord's wife has been a victim of murder, instead due to informations from the manga, they could reconstructed that on Mr. Yamazaki in the anime version.
  • Instead that Shinichi kicked under the wheelchair of the landlord in the manga, Shinichi brutally threw a world globe towards the landlord to unveil his fake acting.
  • The reason why the landlord have killed his wife have never been explained in the manga, but the reason about why the landlord have killed his partner Mr. Yamazaki in the anime is because the two of them were performing secret money transaction.