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Manual of Style

The Manual of Style also abbreviated as MoS or MOS is a guide that is meant for each article created or already created at the Detective Conan Wiki. It can help editors who are just beginners at wiki in editing. It is also meant to create the entire Detective Conan Wiki organized and easily to read for the visitors who are trying to gather information about their favorite topics. It is very important to follow the policy of this wiki to progress our wiki further in a very organized way.

Creating Pages

Name/Title of the article page

The name or title of the article page is very important. If it is a very known character, chapter or anime episode, it will become more easier to find for the editors and for the viewers a certain page that they like to see. Here is a set of rules that are very important to create article pages with a important title:

  • There are characters of the series containing a macron in their names such as: "Shinichi Kudō", "Yūsaku Kudō", "Kogorō Mōri" or "Jūzō Megure". According to the Japanese style of talking, they are always saying it on the way as: ō = ou, ū = uu. To be clear it must be like this: Template:Xt not like this: Template:!xt. Pages containing no macrons in their names but they do needed will be set as redirect. Do know that we do not give Americanized names to the character that they where given in the anime and manga series called "Case Closed", the original Detective Conan series but completely Americanized with names and evenly the series title.
  • Manga and anime titles will be named after Japanese origin, not that of Viz or Funimation. Japanese titles suites much more better as the translated version of English titles. If there is a anime episode containing "Part 1" do not add this "()" but use this "~" when there is a anime episode ending with "Part". Here follows an example: Template:Xt not Template:!xt.
  • Case names are also important. Just come with a good title for each case that has been released. If the name is not quite good by the administrators they will change the name of the case and leave the one you suggested as redirect.
  • If there are characters with a split personality which is: "Shinichi" and "Conan" are different according to the fans, "Shinichi" is still the initial character of the two, which the page title should be "Shinichi Kudō" and not "Conan Edogawa". Character who have a split personality will also not be created, evenly according to fans how different they seems.
  • If there is a character not known by the series, or which name is not given, we use that name coming from the credits from the anime series which can be seen in the ending themes. It can be only used if you are on a high level of Japanese understanding.
  • We put the original Japanese concepts above VIZ and FUNimation's naming.


The Detective Conan Wiki uses various kinds of namespaces. Most important namespaces are: "Infobox" and "Volume" but most of the two it is "Template". The Detective Conan wiki uses these namespaces:

"Main" "Detective Conan Wiki"
"MediaWiki" "Help"
"Forum" "Volume"
"Episode" "Property"
"Concept" "User Blog"
"RelatedVideos" "User"
"File" "Template"
"Category" "Infobox"
"Chapter" "Quotes"
"Form" "Filter"
"Blog" "Thread"

There are some important facts in using namespaces. The ones that got marked bold are the most important namespaces and also the most used namespaces around this wiki. Here are some things that you need to know before you add one of these important namespaces:

  • Volume — If you created a volume page of the series do already create a page containing the namespace: "Volume", do it like this: Template:Xt. Chapters listing are already plugged in the template so it would be any problem of creating chapter titles. Do also know that you must add the template: Template:Tlx leave the page and on the right side you'll see edit, there you can edit the template in "form".
  • Infobox — Same counts for the infobox namespace. If you like to create a character of the series then do it like this: Template:Xt. As same counts as the volume namespace, after you created the page, then you must add: "Template:Tlx" then also at the right side you will see edit, click on it and you will edit the template in form.

Do not that you must create the pages separately of that of the original article pages. Do only leave "Template:Tlx" or "Template:Tlx" then the source that you've added in the namespace pages will be automatically added to the article pages. It only can succeed if the two names are the same.

The Templates namespaces will not be added because it is already known how editors can use it. But here is a quick outline about it:

Templates are namespaces that can be created for important coding. If you like to create a character template then you must do it like this: Template:Xt. A whole outline about it can be viewed here.

Article headings

Template:See also

Do know that we are using specific headings. Each heading must contain full information about the character, which means that there must no any links in the header of each character article, there must be no image between the character header, there must no reference tag between them etc.


We prefer to use British English and not US English. This language reflects Gosho Aoyama's love for his favorite detective mystery novel Sherlock Holmes that has been created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that was of British origin. But there are few exceptions for using a different style of language:

  • Commenting on blog posts you can use different kind of languages, expect language containing difficult symbols such as: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Thai or any other countries that contains difficult symbols.
  • Responding to another user's talk page or that of the administrator, but not difficult symbols as usual.

Different languages are also not allowed. The major source is only English and no any country language else.

Infobox Templates

Here at the Detective Conan Wiki, we are using a different style of infoboxes. If you like to create a page, then you must first create a page through a namespace named "Form" which can allow you to set up a infobox, before creating page, which can you link the to the article place you've created the infobox for. Here are some forms:

Form:Character — Only used to create character templates. Do note that the article page will not be created, only the character infobox of a certain character of the series. There will be redirect link towards the original character page. If the link is red, then you'll have to create the character page. If you create the character page, the input the template Template:Tlx on the top of the wiki, which the infobox template will appear.
Form:Volume — Only used to create new volumes that appear of the series. Do note that the page will not be created and also there will be no link seen on the left side of the wiki. If you see certain texts, that means that you must leave it. Create the volume page and add the Template:Tlx template also on the top of the article page. (Note: The chapter's title, text etc. will be listed automatically if you create a chapter page.)
Form:Chapter — You can add the infobox Template:Tlx in the place of the chapter article page. You can copy and paste the template from the other chapter pages around. If you write the summary, you must add the heading == Summary ==.
Form:Gadgets — You can add the infobox Template:Tlx in the place of the chapter article page. You can copy and paste the template from the other gadgets article pages around.

The article pages that contains each one of those templates will be automatically been categorized. Here at this wiki we only are using one category, only if it is needed, we add two.

Capital letters

Capital letters are also in important usage for the Detective Conan Wiki. There are a few things you must know about using capitals. Here are a few things that you need to know about it in section heading:

Do not use capitals for emphasis

Do not use capital letters for emphasis, so not you can use italics, but using it for wording that doesn't need no any capital letters or to italic then not like:


Chapters and episode titles

Chapters and episode titles do uses a lot of capital letters. A known example: "The Heisei Holmes", the first chapter of the Detective Conan series. Normally, you must not use a lot of capitals in a title or in text, but besides the episode and chapters titles, music titles, volume titles, character names, case names, names in the media, video games names, movie names and whatever what are using a lot of capitals. Here is a example how you must do it:

Correct: Template:Xt
Incorrect: Template:!xt

Titles of characters

There is also a important thing in capitalization and that is to puts a person's title in capitals. Anyways only if there is a name include afterwards or what the person is or what he was, only when there is a name include as example: Template:Xt or Template:Xt not Template:!xt or Template:!xt. If we speak about something in a lower case, then you cannot use capitals for some of the titles as example: Template:Xt but not: Template:!xt.



Important Usages

Using italics and bold texts in articles

Using italic or bold texts are the two important pieces that are mostly used in the Detective Conan Wiki.

If you are using italic texts, do only using it for important pieces, such as: The theme song Summer Time Gone by Mai Kuraki.
If you are using bold texts, then use it for more important events that has also been showed in fan theories, such as: It was later known that Bourbon is in fact Tōru Amuro.

Usage of the "Translation" template

Only around characters, or gadgets pages or locations, or any other kind of pages who need it, you must use the Template:Tlx template. You can see the complete example at the template page, but I will tell you in short for what you should use it:

Use the translation templates only for names which can be translated from Japanese text.
Use the translation templates if you create a character, gadget, location of some other article pages who need the template.

Usage of References

References are very important around the Detective Conan Wiki, which can tag the source from where the written information on many article pages comes from. Here is how to use referencing tags:

Add at a important text a reference tag from where the information is coming from. Use first the <ref>"Source"</ref> to tag it after the text.
If the tags are setted, add the template, Template:Tlx to the end of the article page. The template page is already been added with the </ reference> tag, so there will be no usage of it.

Certain usage of the "ref" tags

We have her certain usages of how to put the source of information in the "ref" tags correctly. Here is how it should be in order.

Source coming from Manga
<ref>Detective Conan Manga; Chapter Y, page XX</ref>
<ref>Detective Conan Manga; Chapter Y, page XX – XX</ref> (Usage of two pages)
Source coming from Volume
<ref>Detective Conan Volume; Volume XX (''Information where, the back, the left or the right'')</ref>
Source coming from Anime
<ref>Detective Conan Anime; Episode XX</ref>
Source coming from the Databook or Novels
<ref>Detective Conan Novel; Chapter Y, page XX</ref>
<ref>Detective Conan "Databook Name"; page XX</ref>

Usage of the "span" tags

Some users over using the "span" tags, which we only need them for small thing around the wiki. Here is a short outline about how we are using the span tags.

  1. The span tags are only useful at this wiki to colour words, mostly coloured red to show it as a warning.
  2. Span tags must not be used for toughing the text colour around the article pages. We are using the original text colour used for the wiki.
  3. Span tags are also not allowed to use for "font family" to change the font style of a certain text of the entire article page.

Wordings in different languages