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Mary Sera (メアリー 世良, Mearī Sera), is an APTX 4869 Victim who is also known by her marriage name Mary Akai (赤井 メアリー, Akai Mearī) and appears as a middle-school age girl with light hair who has been hiding in various hotels with Masumi Sera, is a supporting character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. She is a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service, often known as MI6.


Mary Sera's full background is currently unknown, Mary Sera is a British woman who married Tsutomu Akai. She bore three children, Shuichi, Shukichi, and Masumi. Her husband left at some point before Masumi was born, to investigate the double murder of Kohji Haneda and Amanda Hughes, which got him tangled with the Black Organization.

Later on, Mary learned that her husband was apparently roaming London and immediately traveled there, taking Masumi along as added insurance. Leaving her daughter in their hotel room, she left to meet Tsutomu at their favorite meeting place at Vauxhall Bridge. There she was trapped and forced to ingest the APTX by Vermouth, causing her age to be regressed and return to Masumi hours later in the body of a middle-school child. The change occurred sometime during the last ten years.

Right after her return, Mary and Sera watched a recording of a TV broadcast about Conan Edogawa's involvement in the attempted blackmail of Minerva Glass and immediately recognized him as Shinichi Kudo, whom they had encountered ten years ago. She returned to Japan with Masumi in order to find out about the existence of an antidote to the APTX, which Shinichi apparently has access to, using Masumi as a proxy for her investigations. She also has expressed an interest in the death of Kohji Haneda and the identity of the missing bodyguard Asaka.


Mary is a girl of middle school age (12-15) with light colored, curly, neck length hair. The child has eyes similar to those of Masumi Sera and Shuichi Akai. In her appearance in File 877, she was shown wearing a high-neck pleated top, hoodie jacket, and hat. Like all the other manga characters, the color of her eyes is supposed to be blue, as seen in the keyhole of manga volume 83.

In her varying appearances, Mary's eyes have been drawn slightly differently. In her original and current chapter appearances she seems to have an extra lash on the top of her eye, where as in the Pool case and Conan's comparison of her and Haibara's eyes in the Department store case she does not have that extra lash.


Mary seems very mature and direct, especially when speaking to Masumi. She seems hesitant to trust others at the moment and is being extremely cautious about who knows about her. Currently, because of her cautiousness, she and Masumi have been moving from one hotel to another to keep their location hidden. She is proud of her British heritage.

Like her eldest son, she also seems to be clumsy at recognizing the motives behind the feelings of others and how to interact positively with others. In dealing with her children, Mary seems to be strict and cold, treating her children more like coworkers than a family. Shukichi seemed to be more nurturing to Masumi than her mom. When Mary was 10 years younger, she came to physical blows with her eldest son, Shuichi, since he lied to her about his reasons to study in the USA and planned to join the FBI and investigate her husbands' incident. They both went as far as attacking each other's faces, leaving black eyes. She also thought Shuichi, who is a rather cold person as well, would make a good replacement father figure for Masumi and Shukichi. However, soon after she realized that Shuichi was driven by the same sense of curiosity as his father and he would go his own way. To her daughter Masumi, she acts secretively by hiding a lot of important information from Masumi, such as turning off the TV when Shukichi shogi match was shown, and possibly some other whereabouts of the Black Organization and the Akai family overall. Her continued mistrust of Conan is another example of her general denseness at understanding others since it is long past the point where she should be able to tell that Conan's motives and pursuit of justice are genuine.

But she does express joy at Shukichi's victory for becoming the seven-crowned Shogi master. It indicates that she does care for her children. Additionally, when Mary easily sees through Vermouth's disguise of Tsutomu, she appears genuinely distraught at the fact that her husband is apparently dead and even cries and didn't seem to be concerned about her fate as long as Masumi remains save, showing regardless of her tough attitude, she truly cares for her family. The apparent death of Tsutomu may have contributed to her hardened personality.

Canon Plot Overview

Bourbon Arc

Mary first made her physical appearance in the Romance Novelist Murder Case where she was analyzing the receiver that Conan placed in Masumi's hotel room.

Rum Arc

Non-Canon Plot Overview

The Scarlet Bullet


  • Mary Sera's Real Family Name "Akai" (赤井) which means "Red", comes from the Fictional Character Char Aznable, whose nickname is "Red Comet", from the manga and anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam.

    • Mary Sera's Maiden Family Name "Sera" (世良) comes from the Fictional Character Sayla Mass, from the manga and anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. Sayla is similar to "Sera" in Japanese Pronunciation.


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