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Next Conan's Hint.

Next Conan's Hint (ネクストコナンズヒント, Nekusuto Konan zu Hinto?) is a hint giving on every end of the episode for the episode that it coming next week. It only contain one important hint that is the conclusion for the deduction. It is mostly used for the entire family, which they can participate in the cases as well, which Conan sometimes usually says to beat him the next time.

Over the years of the anime releases, the background of the Next Conan's Hint changes a lot, which was first started as a sign, while up until now which they show Conan and Ran smashing a wall with big hammers containing the hint.

The Magic Kaitō specials also got the same, but it is named "Next Kaitō Magic Trick" (ネクスト怪盗マジック, Nekusuto Kaitō Majikku?), which Kaitō Kid alone smashes a wall and Aoko is standing and watching it. It contains Kaito's next magic trick.