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Template:Policy Navigation Template:Policy overview The reason why some pages are getting locked is probably because the history of large vandalism, testing out some new topics or anything else. It can be that users doesn't understand the situation and ask why the page is locked or evenly asking to unlock the page. Evenly if there is a answer said, some editors are asking when or if the page can be unlocked now. Here are some reasons why it can't under different section headers.

Fully protected

Administrators can protect the page fully. But only if it is necessary and not used for their own selfish reasons. Here are some main reasons why the page has been locked fully.

  • Editors are adding so many spoiler which that isn't evenly true.
  • Editors are adding false information constantly.
  • A edit war has been taken place to the page.
  • It can also be that the administrator is testing out some new layouts or templates currently on the page, which must not be disturbed.
  • Some pages are not meant to get edited by editors, such as the policy.

There four can be the main reason why the page has been fully protected. The pages will not be unlocked if the editor ask to unlock the page.


Why the pages are semi-protected was actually a idea to get rid of unregistered users who cause vandalism or doesn't evenly know how to edit certain article pages. Only registered users can pass through the semi-protection of pages, but only after a few days when you registered yourself at wikia.

  • Various of unregistered users are vandalizing the article pages or infoboxes.
  • Various of unregistered users doesn't know how to edit the infoboxes.
  • Unregistered users can add inappropriate images.