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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
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Ran Mouri (毛利 蘭, Mōri Ran?), a Teitan High School Student of Class 2-B who is currently Teitan High School's Karate Club Captain and the childhood friend and romantic interest of Shinichi Kudo. She is the protagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Ran is a childhood friend of Shinichi Kudo, She is also the Daughter of Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki. She first met Shinichi in Kindergarten where He asked her to give him a Sakura Badge made by her.

When Ran was in first grade she followed Shinchi at night and they snuck into Teitan Elementary School at night to uncover the truth behind a hat-wearing monster rumor. They met the orignal Kaitou Kid in the school library who played a nasty prank on them before handing over a code inside a leather wallet.

With the help of Agasa, Shinichi and Ran partially solved the case and Shinichi started to informally call Ran by her first name. That same year Ran met Fusae Campbell who was waiting to see if Agasa would appear at their promised meeting place. Fusae gives Ran her umbrella and asks Ran to buy one of her designer purses when she gets older.

A year before Shinichi became Conan Edogawa, Ran joined Shinichi on a trip to visit his parents in New York (her own father being otherwise engaged by a community trip). She was there when Shinichi solved his first case and gained recognition as a detective. They met Yukiko Kudo, his mother, and her actress friend, Sharon Vineyard.

Later that evening, she encountered Shuichi Akai who warned her there was a serial killer on the prowl in the area. Ran later encountered Vermouth in disguise as the serial killer. Vermouth would have fallen to her death, but Ran caught her arm and Shinichi helped her pull Vermouth to safety. Due to this, Vermouth gave Ran and Shinichi the nicknames "Angel" and "Cool Guy", respectively. It was during this trip that Ran realized her true feelings for Shinichi, finally realizing that she is in love with him.


Ran is a fair skin girl with an average height she has a slender in frame, yet sports an athletic and curvaceous build. She has bluish-purple eyes and dark brown hair. Her hair is straight and hip-length, tucked behind her ears with short wavy bangs over her forehead. What was originally a wave in her bangs has evolved into a stylized triangular point later in the series


Ran is a kind and caring person but she can be scary aggressive and fierce and has a very overwhelming personality, Being able to intimidate people when angered. She cares for those she loves and she is also patient, kind, and nurturing.

Ran is someone who values life immensely. Even if it is the life of someone threatening her own. This is proven during her trip to New York with Shinichi, despite a serial killer-disguised Vermouth pulling a gun on her, she didn't think twice about saving her when Vermouth was about to fall to her death; Another instance is when the detective agency was taken hostage by a man strapped with bombs, she close the curtains to prevent the police snipers across the building from shooting the hostage-taker.

Ran is also brave and resourceful when she wants to and has rescued Conan from trouble. She has remained bold, steady, confident and calm in many situations that would cause others to remain frozen in fear, such as being threatened by a gun or surrounded by flames. However, she has an irrational fear of the supernatural and is no fan of anything related to the horror genre and she may not always be able to fight if scared too much such when a bandaged man attacks her and frozen in fear and she couldn't fight back.

Ran can be hot-blooded and would often jump to conclusion and acts on impulses when the people she cares about are being involved and would express fierce temper when she becomes suspicious of a person. One example is when she presumes Shinichi was hiding in a girl's house named Ryoko who claim to had kissed Shinichi. Another time is when she believes that her mother was having an affair after seeing her in a photo with an unfamiliar man and would use karate on those who she perceives to have wronged people.

Ran is self-sufficient for her age since her father Kogoro is often drunk and irresponsible. She handles many of the Mouri household's financial affairs and all the cooking and housework. She also ensures Kogoro doesn't slack off on his job, is on his best behavior for client meetings, and she often greets and provides refreshments for potential clients.She also constantly tries to reunite her father and mother again, though with little success, thanks to the mutual stubbornness of both parents.

Ran is very humble about her own natural attractiveness, never using it to her advantage, even when men regularly try to flirt with her. At the same time, she can even be oblivious to men's interest in her, often to Sonoko's exasperation, who believes her wait for Shinichi to be hopeless. If made aware, Ran doesn't respond in kind due to her feelings for Shinichi.

Ran, however, can be emotional and Shinichi's absence has greatly affected her and she suffered a lot of emotional pain. She avoids making Shinichi choose between her and his important case which is impossible due to Shinichi is Conan couldn't return and She continues to wait for Shinichi to Finish the case and trusting his promise he will come back despite his absence kept troubling Ran.


Intellectual Abilities

Ran is quite intelligent. She was able to solve a few cases on her own.

Physical Abilities

Ran's most notable ability is her great prowess in martial arts; she is a black-belt in karate as well as team captain and ace of her high school team with enough skill to win regional tournaments in her age group.

Canon Plot Overview

Conan Arc

Ran first walked home from School with Shinichi where she became annoyed by Shinichi regularly telling about his latest success and telling about his Idol Sherlock Holmes even accusing him that her father isn’t getting any work as a Private Detective because of him. Although Shinichi pointed out it wasn’t his fault that her father isn’t getting any work because he is lousy at it while Ran scares Shinichi with her Karate.

Ran then reminds Shinichi of a promise he made with her if Ran won the Regional Karate championship, Shinichi would go with her to the Amusement Park, Tropical Land.

She later becomes a witness to a murder that has occuring during rollar coaster ride that she and Shinichi were riding on.

Sherry Arc

Vermouth Arc

Boss' Cell Phone Number Arc

Kir Arc

Bourbon Arc

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are invited to England by a rich, elite British woman, Diana Kingstone after Kogoro finds her cat under the table in Café Poirot.

Rum Arc

Non-Canon Plot Overview



TV Specials

Special Manga


  • Ran Mouri's Full Name is derived from Maurice Leblanc (モーリス・ルブラン, Mouri-su Rubu-ran), Author of the Famous Arsène Lupin Series.
  • Ran Mouri shares some similarities with Aoko Nakamori;
    • They share similar character designs.
    • Both are childhood friends of their respective series' protagonists.
    • Both have fathers who worked in the police force (Ginzo Nakamori in division 2 and Kogoro a former officer)
  • Ran Mouri is one of the few characters who use Old-Fashioned Cellphones, instead of Trendy Smartphones.
  • Ran Mouri is right-handed.


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