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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
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Rei Furuya (降谷 零, Furuya Rei?) is an undercover NPA Agent operating as a Café Poirot Waiter who is also known by his alias Tooru Amuro (安室 透, Amuro Tōru?) and by his Black Organization Codename Bourbon (バーボン, Bābon?), is a supporting character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Rei Furuya

As a child, Rei Furuya often got into fights with other kids for being insulted for being as a “Half-Japanese”. Elena Miyano, a scientist who had more than once treated his injuries at her clinic, would often scold Rei for getting involved in such quarrels.

Meanwhile, the Karasuma Group took interest on the Miyano's Research and offered them to work at their Laboratory in exchange for huge sums of money. At first, Elena was reluctant to accept the proposal since the syndicate was rumored to have a bad reputation; but her husband, Atsushi Miyano, was able to convince her as the offer was a once in a life time opportunity to achieve their dreams. The Miyanos then decided to close their clinic for good and for the last time, Elena told Rei to avoid getting involved in an all-out brawl since she will no longer be by his side anymore to treat his wounds.

Years after the Miyano's disappearance, Rei decided to enroll in a Police Academy in an attempt to work for the National Police Agency. With his prodigious information gathering abilities, exceptional intelligence and remarkable logical thinking, he became the smartest student at the Police Academy as claimed by his friend, Wataru Date.

Soon, Rei became qualified enough to join the National Police Agency and began working for them to serve the Japanese Government's best interests.

Tooru Amuro

At some point, the NPA learned the existence of the Black Organization, along with the illegal activities it has been operating. Rei Furuya then decided to infiltrate the mysterious syndicate to acquire more information about their members and the illicit activites they have been utilizing.

To ensure the safety of his friends and relatives from any potential dangers associated with infiltrating the Black Organization, he has cut off ties and isolated himself from anyone involved in his life as "Rei Furuya". In addition, he started using the alias "Tooru Amuro" and worked as a Freelance Detective to mislead the Black Organization about his background and true identity.

Somehow, Rei successfully managed to blend in with the members of the Black Organization and continued to prove his sheer efficiency and reliability while under operation. He would then continue to advance in the ranks and gain an outstanding reputation, enough to be recognized by the Boss of the Black Organization, thus earning the Codename "Bourbon".


While undercover as the Black Organization Operative "Bourbon", Rei met Scotch, another undercover Secret Police Agent from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Public Security Bureau. Both were colleagues who knew each other very well and treated the other with respect and high regard.

Four years ago, Rei along with Scotch and Rye, were assigned on a mission which involved rifles hidden inside bass guitar cases. During that time, he met a girl named Masumi Sera who seemed to enjoy her time playing the bass guitar while being taught by Scotch.

Rei and Scotch's collaboration to undermine the Black Organization would continue to last until the Black Organization found out about Scotch's affiliation with the PSB. Scotch was then cornered by Rye, who was unaware of Rye's status as an undercover agent working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With the current situation, Scotch was forced to commit suicide, but Rye tightly held the gun's cylinder which prevented Scotch from being able to pull the trigger. Rye then reveals his true identity and motive to sabotage the Black Organization, managing to prevent Scotch's death. However, in that moment, Rei's hurried footsteps were heard and both Scotch and Rye mistook them as approaching Black Organization Members. Rye was then distracted, allowing Scotch to pull the trigger and eventually died. As Rei arrived at the scene, he examined Scotch's body and concluded that Rye forced him to commit to suicide. Rye went along with Rei's deductions and claimed that he was the one who killed Scotch, unaware that Rei is also an undercover agent working for the NPA.

Since the incident, Rei developed an antipathy and strong hatred for Rye which sparked their rivalry in the Black Organization. Until now, Rei blames Rye for the death of Scotch and continues to hunt him down with Vermouth's indirect support in hopes of getting close to the heart of the organization upon turning him to the Boss of the Black Organization.

Currently, Rei works as a Part-Time Waiter at Café Poirot which is located just below Mouri Detective Agency. After discovering the truth behind "Sleeping Kogoro", he befriended Kogoro Mouri and became his apprentice. This gave Rei the opportunity to investigate and monitor Conan Edogawa closely as he is intrigued by his sharp intelligence, keen sense for observation and deductive reasoning which are seemingly extraordinary and strange for his age. Rum also gives him his new mission which is to gather information about Shinichi Kudo.


Rei Furuya appears to be a fairly tall man with a dark skin tone lighter than Heiji Hattori's, blue eyes and a light brown hair. Furthermore, he is usually seen wearing his waiter uniform while working at Café Poirot and dresses casually with little black unlike most of Black Organization's Members.


Rei Furuya is a cheerful and generous man, seemingly indulgent to the point of even bringing a plate of sandwiches to Mouri Detective Agency bought with his money. In more serious situations, he appears to be patient, calm and calculating. Although somewhat of a "cool type", he is an expressive person who does not hide his emotions and enjoys presenting his deductions about cases to others.

Even though part of a Government Agency that upholds justice and security, Rei also ironically possesses a darker side. He is manipulative, tricking others into performing certain actions so he can gather information. He favors using psychological traps and catching his enemies off guard. Furthermore, Rei can also be extremely cruel in pursuit of goals, even if it means harming other people. In such situations, Rei alternates himself between going out of his way to care about the well being of others and ignoring them when it is inconvenient.

Like Vermouth, Rei also has a secretive personality as stated by Gin. Rei's movements are somehow unpredictable that no one can ever guess what he is up to. In addition, he is boastful and overconfident, believing that Shuichi Akai could not have been killed that easily and that he is the only person capable of killing the Black Organization's greatest threat.


Intellectual Abilities

Rei Furuya is a shrewd detective with excellent information gathering skills, as noted by Kir to be a threatening fellow with keen insight and by Vermouth as the most perceptive member of the Black Organization. As Rei remains undercover as Kogoro's Apprentice, he is not as flashy in showing his true reasoning skills, instead leading Kogoro with hints to reach conclusions. Wataru Date once claimed that Rei was the Smartest Student from his batch at the Police Academy.

Physical Abilities

Rei Furuya is skilled in the Martial Art of Boxing, which is shown when a single punch to an attacker's gut causes him to spray blood from the mouth. He is also skilled with Jujitsu, which is routinely taught to Japanese Police Officers to aid in suspect immobilization and arrest. Wataru Date once claimed that Rei was the Strongest Student from his batch at the Police Academy.

Furthermore, he is capable of performing first aid and appears to be a skilled driver, excellent tennis player, adept lock picker and an experienced individual when it comes to playing an electronic guitar.

Plot Overview

Bourbon Arc

Search for Sherry

When Kir manages to sneak away from the people watching her, she reports to Jodie Starling that a new Black Organization Member codenamed Bourbon who excels at deduction and intelligence gathering has been dispatched to look for Sherry. Jodie passes this information onto Conan. After hearing that Bourbon is on the move, Conan looks concerned but doesn't tell Ai Haibara about him.

After Kir's "assassination" of Akai at Raiha Pass, Bourbon didn't initially believe Shuichi Akai was dead, so he came up with a plan to disguise as Akai to uncover the truth. He would approach Akai's close friends and colleagues and observe their reactions to him in order to see if the FBI Agent was really killed. To maximize his resources, Bourbon asked Vermouth for her disguise assistance, in exchange of protecting Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri.

The Boss approved their plan out of an abundance of caution. However, Vermouth and Bourbon failed to inform Gin and the other members about it, causing a misunderstanding. In order to maximize the chances of success, Bourbon targeted Akai's friends when they were alone and in crowded public places so they could not retaliate and Bourbon could disappear easily. Bourbon first used the disguise to approach Jodie Starling at Teito Bank, then Andre Camel at Beika Department Store, and finally Masumi Sera in front of Mouri Detective Agency. These encounters convinced Bourbon that Akai was really "dead".

At some point later, after being involved with a case with Conan and Kogoro, Rei Furuya as "Tooru Amuro" has started work as a waiter at Café Poirot below the Mouri Detective Agency. He asks Kogoro if he can be the Great Detective's Apprentice and whispers some unheard amount of money that he would be paying if Kogoro brings Amuro along with him. The amount thrills Kogoro into accepting Amuro's offer immediately. Conan mentally moans about how yet another bothersome person has appeared. In truth, Bourbon suspected Kogoro of being connected to Sherry and has decided to investigate the individual.

After being involved in another complex case with Conan and Kogoro yet again, Rei deduces that Conan went to investigate alone and had been kidnapped by the culprit. The kidnapper drives away with Conan as a hostage and Amuro, Masumi and Subaru Okiya (who was driving Professor Hiroshi Agasa and Haibara to the scene) went to pursue the culprit's car. Right after determining the exact car that those three were in, Amuro purposely crashed his own car into theirs in order to stop it. Vermouth is seen later contacting Amuro near the crime scene, commenting hat he had gained some trust and that she expects him to keep his promise to her to keep Conan and Ran away from danger.

Meanwhile, Conan and the Detective Boys encounter Amuro who was coming from the police station due to the events of the previous case. Because he had crashed his car into the car of the woman who kidnapped Conan, he was called to come there and finish some procedures so the police could determine whether his action had been overkill. He also expresses his disappointment at not being able to meet Professor Agasa with them.

When Wataru Takagi reminisces about a time with his mentor Wataru Date, he remembers claiming that Date was the top student at the police academy. However, Date rebutted this and told Takagi that he had always been number 2. He also said that neither his brains nor his brawn was anything compared to "that guy "who was like a gentleman. Later, it's revealed that the person whom Date was talking about is Amuro. Amuro leaves a toothpick by Date's grave and watches Takagi and Sato pay their respects. Before leaving, he deletes a text message that Date sent him while wishing him a peaceful sleep.

Sometime later, Amuro serves Ran and Kogoro at Poirot. Presumably in reponse to being asked about Conan's absence, Kogoro tells Amuro that Conan and the Detective Boys went camping in Gunma, and they will be sending pictures to Kogoro's computer later. When Masumi calls Ran to ask about what sort of vehicle Agasa drives, Amuro listens suspiciously. Later that night, Amuro furtively sneaks into the empty Mouri Detective Agency and logs onto Kogoro's website using the password Kogoro inadvertently told him in an earlier case where Conan has been kidnapped. Instead of pictures from the Detective Boys' camping trip that he was expecting, he sees a video sent by someone (Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya) that shows Sherry rescuing Ayumi Yoshida from a cabin fire. Shocked to this discovery, Amuro zooms in on her hand and notices she is wearing a pass ring for the Bell Tree Express Mystery Train. Amuro then notices that Kogoro's computer was being hacked by someone (Subaru Okiya) and wonders who did it. Amuro then reports this information to Vermouth that Shiho Miyano appeared in Gunma and will be boarding the mystery. Vermouth relays this discovery to Gin.

The following day, Amuro appears on the train where he runs into Ran and the others. When asked what he is doing there, Amuro claims he won his tickets in an online auction and that he coincidentally met Kogoro in the dining cart where he learned of the case. When Masumi Sera runs off to find Scar Akai (Vermouth), Amuro is seen with his phone out contacting Vermouth that she was heading her way. He then comes when Conan (through Kogoro) starts his deduction on the murder culprit and reveals that three mirror plates were stuffed in a painting which was used for the locked room murder trick.

However, after the culprit confesses, Vermouth activated smoke canisters throughout the train in order to lure Ai Haibara (who supposedly transformed back to Shiho Miyano) out. After that is successful, Amuro introduces himself to her by calling himself Bourbon. He goes on to ask Shiho if she knows who he is to which she claims that he was a rival to her sister's love Dai Moroboshi (Shuichi Akai). Amuro starts to gloat saying that he knew Shuichi was FBI and that he couldn't believe that he was killed. He then says he decided to disguise as Shuichi in front of those close to him, although he asked Vermouth to disguise as him on the train. From that, he could only conclude that Shuichi really died. Putting Shiho at gunpoint, he tells her to go into the eighth cart so he can detach it with C4 explosives and bring her back to the organization. However, Shiho reveals that there are more C4 explosives in the train and from there, Amuro realizes that Vermouth put them there and that she plans to have Sherry killed. However, before he can do anything else, the real Shuichi (whom Amuro mistook as Vermouth) comes behind him and throws a grenade to detach the eighth cart. Amuro dodges the explosive relatively unscathed and the eighth cart explodes, but Shiho (who was really Kaitou Kid in disguise) is able to escape. Amuro then regroups with Vermouth and asks her to give him the files on before and after Shuichi's death. He thinks to himself that he'll have to start from square one, while Subaru, who is revealed to be Shuichi Akai watches on silently.

Search for Shuichi Akai

After the events of the Bell Tree Express, Amuro went on a sick leave which Conan took as a sign that he wasn't planning to return. However, to Conan's horror, Amuro had asked Kogoro if he and Sonoko Suzuki wanted tennis lessons. He meets them at a tennis court and reveals that he will be coming back to work at the Poirot next week. When a tennis racket accidentally slips from a player's hand, Amuro tries to warn Conan that it will hit him, but Conan is unable to dodge it in time. Conan is knocked unconscious, and Amuro rushes over and does everything to make sure Conan is assisted medically before a real doctor arrives to check Conan's condition.

A murder case then occurs and Amuro helps with the investigation. As Conan prepares to tranquilize Kogoro Mouri, Amuro, starting to get suspicious, bends down to examine Conan aiming his watch, which prevents Conan from using it. Conan is instead forced to give out hints to lead Kogoro and the police to the right answer. After solving the case, Amuro and Vermouth have a phone conversation. Vermouth asks why Amuro is still sticking around the Mouri Detective Agency when there is no need to because Sherry has been dealt with, and Amuro responds that he is interested by "Sleeping Kogoro". As he says this, he thinks of Conan instead, implying he suspects Conan is the real Sleeping Kogoro.

At some point later, the Detective Boys become trapped in a refrigerated delivery truck with a cat, a dead body, and two murderous workers. Unable to call for help and out of other options, Conan decides to try to get a message to Amuro using the cat and a doctored receipt. The receipt initially blew away, but after realizing it was from Conan, Amuro tracks it down using a specialized app on his phone that can simulate wind conditions between the buildings in Beika city. Amuro locates the delivery truck in his repaired Mazda RX-7. Bourbon then decides decides to pretend like he came by chance instead of decoding the message on the receipt, and asks the two delivery men to make way because the street is narrow. When the kids see him and cry for help, Amuro, playing dumb, asks why they are in that truck. One of the murderers then orders Amuro to get in the truck by threatening the safety of the children. Amuro immediately punches the man's chest so hard that he coughs up blood. The remaining kidnapper backs down and Amuro ties him up and tells Conan to call the police. The children then reveal that they are outside of Professor Hiroshi Agasa's house, which Amuro takes interest in. Haibara manages to stay behind the other kids and goes unnoticed by Amuro, and Subaru watches the unfolding scene from Kudo Residence's window.

Suspecting that they may hold more valuable information for his investigation, Amuro follows Conan and Jodie to a sakura viewing scenic spot and attempts to approach them using someone else's appearance. He, with Vermouth's assistance, impersonates a random man named Touhei Benzaki. Amuro claims to be the husband of the woman who taped Jodie back in the Bank Robbery Case, where he was also one of the victims himself. He also says that he saw Scar Akai a few days back, to which both of them react strongly. Jodie immediately grabs Amuro's arm and questions him where did that happen, while he takes advantage of the chance and secretly plants an eavesdropping device inside the sleeve of her jacket. Through the eavesdropping device planted earlier, Amuro is able to listen to Jodie's conversations with Conan, where she mentions how Conan assisted the FBI in unmasking Rikumichi Kusuda as the spy from the Black Organization using his cellphone. He also learns that Shuichi Akai likes drinking canned coffee and has dropped one back when the Organization was trying to attack Haido Central Hospital. Vermouth, imitating the appearance of the woman who taped Jodie, walks towards them and pretends to have a morning sickness in order to remove the eavesdropping device from Jodie and create an excuse for Amuro to leave the crime scene immediately. Amuro then drives Vermouth away. Inside the car, Vermouth wonders whether he has got hold of something interesting from Jodie. Amuro states that he has learned a "surprising inside story", but would not share the details with Vermouth until he acquires proof. He only comments that Conan is a "terrifying man".

Sometime later, Conan suspects that the couple who approached him and Jodie was in fact Bourbon and Vermouth in disguise. While panicking, Conan realizes that the slip in Bourbon and Vermouth's story that allowed him to recognize their lie might have been intentional, so that he would realize the truth, panic, and then make a critical mistake. Conan calms down and calls Haibara to confirm whether she has felt any members of the Black Organization lately, not knowing that Amuro is watching him closely from a corner nearby.

To complete his investigation about Shuichi Akai's "death", Bourbon goes to Haido Central Hospital looking for information about what happened to the spy Rikumichi Kusuda. Unfortunately, Conan lies badly when Amuro asks him if he knew Rikumichi, and Amuro learns that Conan really did know Rikumichi. Later, a child saying "Zero" prompts Amuro to remember a conversation during his childhood between him and Elena Miyano. At the end of the case, Takagi tells Amuro that the police found the damaged car of Kusuda Rikumuchi with lots of blood but the owner was not found. He then deduces that Rikumichi was shot by a gun and commit suicide.

When Conan asked Amuro if he an enemy of one of the bad guys, Amuro responds and claims that Conan has misunderstood his intentions.

Bourbon, having deduced the trick that Shuichi Akai used to fake his death, confronts Subaru Okiya at the Kudo house, believing him to be Shuichi in disguise. His colleagues attempt to corner Jodie and Camel in Raiha Pass to make sure Shuichi wouldn't resist capture, only to be foiled by Shuichi himself who has been hiding in the back seat of the car Jodie and Camel are in. It was then explored that Bourbon's real name was Rei Furuya and he is a member of the Japanese National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning Division infiltrating the Black Organization. His colleagues in this case also come from the same agency and Shuichi's and Rei's hostility come from an incident involving an unspecified man, about whom Shuichi says he regrets.

Rum Arc


  • Bourbon is a type of American Whiskey, a barrel-aged Distilled Spirit made primarily from Corn.
  • Rei Furuya's Alias Given Name "Tooru" (透) and Real Family Name "Furuya" (降谷) comes from his Voice Actor Tohru Furuya (古谷 徹, Furuya Tōru).
    • Rei Furuya's Alias Family Name "Amuro" (安室) comes from the Fictional Character Amuro Ray from the manga and anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Rei Furuya's Vehicle is a White Mazda RX-7, the same Car Model as Miwako Sato.
    • The RX-7 is a reference to the White Gundam that the Fictional Character Character Amuro Ray piloted, the RX-78-2.
  • Rei Furuya's Rival is Shuichi Akai, who is also named after the Fictional Character Char Aznable from the manga and anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Rei Furuya's Voice Actor, Tohru Furuya, was the former husband of Vermouth's Voice Actress, Mami Koyama.
  • Rei Furuya is right-handed.


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