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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
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If I'm right, then you're making an enemy out of the most powerful man in the country. The multi-millionaire who does not exist.
— Yusaku Kudo revealing the Boss of the Black Organization to Conan Edogawa, Episode 942

Renya Karasuma (烏丸 蓮耶, Karasuma Ren'ya?), the mysterious Boss of the Black Organization who is respectfully called as Ano Kata (あの方, That Person?) by his subordinates, is the main antagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Renya Karasuma

Renya Karasuma was known to be an influential and wealthy man with a lot of famous, powerful and rich contacts in the world. He was the most powerful person in Japan in his time according to Yusaku Kudo. During his lifetime, he had collected over three hundred pieces of antique priceless art and inherited the Sunset Manor from his mother. He then allegedly died 40-20 years ago under mysterious circumstances with his legacy unknown.

40 years ago prior to the current timeline, he began searching for the treasure that was supposedly hidden inside the mentioned mansion. He learned the clues about the King, Queen and Knight. However, he was unable to make it any further to solve the riddle. Consumed by his own greed, he came to hire people such as the archaeologist Kyosuke Senma to solve the riddle faster and then began killing them as motivation for the others to work faster.

After his supposed death, the Karasuma Family had died out and the mansion had fallen into other hands. Hardly anything has been touched since the incident and those murders were the true cause behind the numerous old bloodstains found all over the manor.

Karasuma Group CEO

Renya Karasuma founded the shady Karasuma Group, a conglomerate that pays well as a sponsor. The Karasuma Group itself is shrouded with bad rumors.

Several years ago prior to the current timeline, the Karasuma Group offered to sponsor the Miyano's Research and hire Atsushi and Elena Miyano as Researchers of the Company. At first, Atsushi Miyano was reluctant to accept their offer after hearing strange and shady rumors surrounding the conglomerate. However, Atsushi had a change of mind and considered their offer after Elena announced that she was pregnant with Shiho Miyano.

Black Organization Boss

Renya Karasuma directs the activities and advance the interests of those Conan Edogawa calls as the "Black Organization". While mysteriously operating behind the scenes, he communicates with his subordinates only through text messages with the number #969#6261, which follows the tune of the children song Seven Children (七つの子, Nanatsu no Kono?).

Renya Karasuma is also responsible for promoting Black Organization Members and deciding on their Alcoholic Codenames should they deem worthy of joining the upper ranks of the syndicate.


Renya Karasuma, only shown as an ominous silhouette, appears to be a fairly tall man with a somewhat obese build, a long hair extended to the neck and a large nose shaped like a beak.

He is usually seen wearing black clothing with a white scarf, holding a walking stick's ball handle with his right hand. A pet crow, which is used to depict the Karasuma Family Crest and symbolize the Black Organization, is also shown standing on his left shoulder.


Furuyo Senma, a detective who has not even met Renya Karasuma herself, describes the man as someone who is corrupt, cruel, greedy and impatient. Although not much is known about his personality, he appears to be materialistic, brutal and all-consuming for power.

As the Black Organization Boss, he is ruthless, willing to dispatch Executive Agents like Pisco who had been extremely loyal to him for a single mistake. Vermouth says that the Boss is always careful to the extreme, the type to ruin the plan by overthinking it. The Boss also seems to be strict with methodologies, as evidenced when he scolded Rum for executing a plan that threatened the secrecy of the syndicate. In addition, the Boss appears to be a forward thinker, eliminating people who may pose a serious threat to him or to the Black Organization in the future. Somehow, the Boss can also loyalty and unity within the syndicate, despite many members disliking or even outright wishing to murder certain others.

Plot Overview

Haibara Arc

Hotel Party Murder Case

The Boss orders the assassination of the Politician Shigehiko Nomiguchi after the police found out that he was accepting bribes to keep sensitive information. Gin relays the order to Pisco and told him to use APTX 4869 when necessary. Although Pisco successfully assassinated the politician, he was accidentally caught on camera in the act of committing the murder. Fearing that Pisco may expose the existence and goals of the Black Organization to the public, the Boss ordered Gin to silence Pisco and his family, which the latter does even though Pisco knew where Sherry is.

Vermouth Arc

Sunset Mansion Case

One of the world's greatest detectives: Kogoro MouriSaguru Hakuba, Furuyo Senma, Shukuzen Ogami, Harufumi Mogi, and Ikumi Soda were invited to an old mansion covered in blood in the isolated mountains of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. Hakuba had long heard of the blood-chilling tragedy that occurred in the mansion decades ago. It was explained that an out-of-control auction resulted in a massacre when two robbers infiltrated the mansion and dosed the people with marijuana. The host then reveals that the huge mansion once belonged to Renya Karasuma and a treasure is hidden inside, which the detectives started searching.

Conan Edogawa investigated along with Ran Mouri and solved the riddle about the King, Queen and Knight. The pair used the hands of the only clock in the dining room, which is the switch, as the combination for a lock. A layer then peels off the entire outer walls of the mansion, revealing solid gold underneath.

It was then revealed that Senma and Ogami were co-conspirators and had arranged the gathering of detectives, attempting to have them find the treasure to further their own agendas.

It was also disclosed that the backstory that Hakuba heard about the mansion was mostly a lie. The true tale Senma's motive for seeking out the treasure. 40 years ago, Renya Karasuma found the clues about the King, Queen, and Knight. However, he was unable to make any further headway on the riddle. Driven by his own green to search the treasure, he came to hire people to solve the riddle for himand began killing them as motivation for others to solve the riddle faster. Those murders were the true cause behind the bloodstains in the house, not an out-of-control party caused by two wanderers with drugs. Senma's archaeologist father was one of the individuals who has disappeared looking for the treasure, presumably a victim of Renya Karasuma's treasure hunting fanaticism.

Like Renya Karasuma, Senma wanted to know the answer to the riddle that took her father's life. Sensing that Ogami's greed had got the best of him and that he would kill her after they had found the treasure, she poisoned him using his nail biting habit. She had planned to fake her death, have the other detectives find the treasure and then have them kill each other. However, they were not fooled. All the detectives who seemingly killed each other are alive all along and cornered Senma to confess to her crime.

Kaitou Kid, who was revealed to be Kogoro in disguise, stated that he had come to steal Karasuma's treasure for himself. However, it never occurred to him the entire mansion itself was actually Karasuma's treasure. Realizing that it was too big for him to carry away, Kaitou Kid then flees from the area.

Halloween Party Case

The Boss orders Gin and Vodka to investigate Vermouth's suspicious movements when the latter was reported to have went to a Halloween Party. Vermouth, who is acting on her own initiative, wanted to separate Conan from Haibara so that she could kill the escaped scientist without any external intervention.

After Vermouth's confrontation with FBI Agents Shuichi Akai and Jodie Starling, the Boss recalls her for abusing the privileges and freedom she was granted. Conan then overhears the Boss' Cell Phone Number dial tone as Vermouth replies to his text message. Although he did not recognize the tune at first, he thought it was familiar sounding and had a sad feeling to it.

Boss' Cell Phone Number Arc

Stradivarius Murder Case

Sometime later, after being involved in a case with musicians, Conan asks a composer who has the perfect pitch about the tune of the Boss' Cell Phone Number. He finds out that the number is referenced to the song "Seven Children".

Kaitou Kid and the Three Instruments

When Conan asks Ai Haibara about the Boss' Cell Phone Number, she compares it to a Pandora's Box and states that he should never attempt to contact it. Conan thinks that he can get Detective Wataru Takagi to figure out to whom the number belongs to. However, Haibara warned him, pointing out that investigating the email address would only cause Takagi harm and the others around him.

Kir Arc

Black Organization vs. FBI

After the events of the Ding Dong Dash Case, Kir informs the Boss that his "stalker" was actually a young boy idolizing her due to Rena's resemblance to the young boy's late mother. The Boss then directs the Black Organization to assassinate Yasuteru Domon, a politician who has the potential of becoming Japan's next Prime Minister. With Domon's strong sense of justice, the Boss sees him as a threat to the Black Organization and ordered his subordinates to murder the politician.

When Gin learns that Kir's shoe had been tapped by Conan's tracker, he suspects Kogoro as the culprit behind the planting. Gin then aborts the mission to assassinate Yasuteru Domon and with the Boss' permission, they head to Mouri Detective Agency to silence the detective. The combined efforts of Conan and the FBI resulted their plan to backfire, causing them to retreat from the area.

Fake Patient Case

The Black Organization Members involved in the attempted assassination plot of Yasuteru Domon realizes that Kir had been captured by the FBI. Thus, the Boss orders Rikumichi Kusuda to search for the captive agent.

Foreign Suspect Case

After the Black Organization successfully retrieved Kir back from the FBI, Gin is suspicious of how ineffective the FBI's plan was and that Shuichi Akai did not make a strong move. Gin thinks that Akai is still hiding something and that doubt is relayed to the Boss who plans a test of Kir's loyalty. Meanwhile, Andre Camel becomes a suspect in a coincidental murder case. The Black Organization then hears about it, and taking advantage of the FBI's distraction, Gin orders Kir to call Akai out to meet with her and kill him to regain the Boss' trust. Kir meets with Akai at Raiha Pass and apparently "kills" him. In truth, the Boss was deceived and Akai survived with the help of Conan and Kir to fake his death.

Bourbon Arc

Department Store Bomber Case

After Kir's "assassination" of Akai at Raiha Pass, Bourbon did not initially believe that Akai was dead, so he came up with a plan to disguise as Akai to uncover the truth. He would approach Akai's close friends and colleagues and observe their reactions to him in order to see if the FBI Agent was really killed. To maximize his resources, Bourbon asked Vermouth for her disguise assistance, in exchange of protecting Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri. The Boss approved their plan out of an abundance of caution. However, Vermouth and Bourbon failed to inform Gin and the other members about it, causing a misunderstanding.

Scarlet Showdown

After the FBI's and the NPA Security Bureau's confrontation at Raiha Pass, Bourbon reveals that there is some sort of secret relationship between Vermouth and the Boss of the Black Organization. He utilizes this information to enlist Vermouth's assistance in his investigations, arranging for her secret to be revealed to the other members of the Black Organization should something happen to him.

Rum Arc

Missing Maria Higashio Case

Yusaku Kudo and Subaru Okiya have reached the conclusion that "ASACA" and "RUM", the dying message left at the scene of Kohji Haneda's murder, is actually meant to be read as one single name: "CARASUMA". When Yusaku reveals this to Conan and Professor Hiroshi Agasa, Conan realizes that he has made the most powerful enemy in Japan. Thus, Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo decided to stay in the country and think of a plan to settle the situation.

FBI Serial Murder Case

After the events of the FBI Serial Murder Case, the Boss scolded Rum, stating that their actions at Umizarujima Island stood out a bit than they should have been. Despite the occurrence, however, the Boss seems to be pleased with the recent turn of events, commending Rum and his subordinates for successfully "killing" the man that the FBI desperately protected.


  • The "Karasu" (カラス) of Renya Karasuma's Family Name means "Crow".
  • Gosho Aoyama was inspired by the Fictional Character Professor James Moriarty, the main antagonist in the Sherlock Holmes Series, to create the Black Organization Boss.
    • Gosho Aoyama depicts the Boss as a cold-blooded person who does not leave a single scrap of evidence while working and remains anonymous to the public.
    • Just like Professor James Moriarty, the Boss does not show his face and works behind the scenes, only pulling the strings on the crimes from far away.
  • Renya Karasuma is the richest person in the Detective Conan Universe, ahead of the Suzuki and Ooka Families.
  • The Intelligence Agencies FBI (United States), CIA (United States), NPA (Japan) and the MI6 (United Kingdom), wishes to uncover the Boss' Identity and cause the destruction of the Black Organization.
  • Renya Karasuma is right-handed.


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