Template:Policy Navigation Template:Policy overview A spoiler means that a piece of information has been released too early. A spoiler can spoil someone's enjoyment with many things if love'd to enjoy. As example can be given with manga chapters: Someone like to know what is happening in Conan's next case, or the conclusion, or which will be Conan's case next time. The chapters are been released every Wednesday but there are some website that spoil images three or two days before the official publishing date of Weekly Shōnen Sunday, which that can be ruined by the readers enjoyment of reading the series, which can be set as almost boring or totally boring.

Spoiler of Manga

If a spoiler comes from the manga series, then you must not write it at the Detective Conan Wiki article pages. Do know that you should not spoil things or evenly anything that has been released too early than the official publishing date of the series. If the manga series has been published on their official publishing date, then wait one or two days before creating the chapter article page.

Spoiler of Anime

If a spoiler of the anime series has been added, then you must not write the same summary on the episode pages. The anime episodes comes every Saturday, which can change if there is a Japanese Holiday in incoming which might be on a week hiatus. If the anime has been released, wait a day or two before you are writing the summaries.

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