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WARNING! This article contains information from the manga.
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I wonder if there is really a God... If such an entity really existed... Wouldn't all honest, hard-working people be happy?
— Vermouth (as Sharon) expressing her disbelief in God to Ran Mouri, Episode 286

Vermouth (ベルモット, Berumotto?), an Executive Member of the Black Organization and Famous Professional Actress who is also known by her aliases Sharon Vineyard (シャロン・ヴィンヤード, Sharon Vin'yādo?) and Chris Vineyard (クリス・ヴィンヤード, Kurisu Vin'yādo?), is an antagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.



Vermouth's background is very mysterious as she has been secretly living at least two lives through the art of disguise: that of deceased actress Sharon Vineyard and her supposed daughter, Chris Vineyard.

As the Boss' Favorite, Vermouth is granted some privileges such as limited independence and protection from other Black Organization Members. Vermouth also has some particular connection to the Boss that she wants to keep hidden from the syndicate, which Bourbon is blackmailing her with. Moreover, she does not seem to like the research that Shiho Miyano and her parents engaged in, calling it “foolish".

20 years ago prior to the current timeline, Vermouth murdered Jodie's Father who had collected information on her on behalf of the FBI. For some reason, Vermouth appears not to age or have de-aged over a period of twenty years, making Jodie Starling conclude that Sharon and Chris Vineyard are one and the same person.

One year ago prior to the current timeline, Vermouth disguised herself as a serial killer to hunt Shuichi Akai in New York City. Underestimating Akai's abilities, she gets shot instead and retreats from the scene. While fleeing the area, she meets Ran and Shinichi who saves her life upon accidentally falling from a broken stairwell, regarding the two as "Angel" and "Cool Guy" respectively.

Vermouth entered the story line some time after Sherry rebelled against the Black Organization. Vermouth's main objective was to track down and eliminate the 'traitor', and for that purpose she assumed the identity of doctor Tomoaki Araide. Although she managed to discover Shiho's reversion into a child, she did not succeed in killing her as she met Conan, who was able to discover and thwart her plans in collaboration with the FBI.

A few months into the current timeline, she disguised herself as Tsutomu Akai and ambushed Mary Sera at Vauxhall Bridge, forcibly ingesting APTX-4869 on her and is currently responsible for Mary's shrunken state.

Apparently, Vermouth has great personal interest in Conan Edogawa, constantly calling him "Silver Bullet". After discovering Ai and Conan's reversion to their child forms, she seems to know the shrinking effect that APTX 4869 can have. However, for reasons yet unrevealed, she keeps this knowledge secret from the rest of the Black Organization.

Sharon Vineyard

As the actress Sharon Vineyard, Vermouth gained much fame on Broadway and in movies, even winning an Oscar. Vermouth also became close friends with Yukiko Kudo back when they were studying the finer arts of disguise under Toichi Kuroba.

At some point Sharon began to pretend to have a daughter named Chris, who she did not got along with after she played a rude prank. While Sharon was still alive, Chris kept out of the public eye except for acting in movies and giving interviews. That fact might have serve as a pretext to why the two 'identities' would not be seen together in public.

Chris Vineyard

Months ago prior to the current timeline, Vermouth staged Sharon Vineyard's death, which allowed Chris to come out publicly. Currently, Vermouth serves the Black Organization with the public name Chris Vineyard.


Vermouth appears to be a fairly tall woman with a slender build, pale skin, light blue eyes and long silver hair.

For some reason, Vermouth does not appear to age. Vermouth's appearance has not changed since she murdered Jodie’s parents twenty years prior. Shuichi Akai also proved that Vermouth was not wearing a mask when his shotgun fire grazed her face. Specifically, it has not been clarified if Vermouth has not aged over time or if she became younger all at once. It is also important to note that Vermouth's talent for disguise makes it difficult to figure out when Vermouth stopped aging or had de-aged.


Although Vermouth follows orders from the syndicate's upper echelon, Vermouth often acts according to her own agenda and whims even when it runs contrary to the Black Organization's best interests. She is secretive and manipulative, even towards other members like Calvados who was infatuated with her. Vermouth is very bold and confident with her abilities, being able to manipulate various situations to her advantage: traits which allow her to single-handedly weave complex plots and take the upper hand even while she is being monitored by enemies.

Vermouth's personality is contradictory at times. On one hand, she is a cruel and ruthless agent who will do anything to achieve her goals by any means necessary. On the other hand, she risks her life several times to protect Conan, Ran and Kogoro. Vermouth's friendly behavior while in disguise as Tomoaki Araide also left the real Araide wondering if Vermouth is really a bad person. This inconsistency may reflect an underlying conflict of conscience after Shinichi and Ran saved her life during the events of the Golden Apple Case. Vermouth also appears to be an atheist at first as she claims to not believe in God nor angels until Ran unknowingly rescued her, which seemed to have given her back some faith.

While she does kill people, something suggests that she is not much into killing children. When Jodie, as a child, caught Vermouth in the act of killing her parents, Vermouth did not kill her directly but instead asked her to stay in the house, which she later set on fire. Furthermore, when she questions a young witness, Toji Funemoto, about Kir's accident, she lets him live.

She also enjoys teasing others, as seen when she disguised herself as a male waiter to serve Gin and Vodka martinis. She also taunted Chianti at some point by wishing her good luck and blowing her a kiss.

Currently, Vermouth's motives are very mysterious. She knows about Conan being Shinichi, as well as that Haibara is Sherry, yet she has kept this information a secret from the rest of the Black Organization. She dislikes the Miyano Family's research. She also retains personal feelings for persons who have earned a special place in her heart, such as Shinichi whom he refers to as "Cool Guy" and Ran whom she calls as "Angel". As a result, she is highly unwilling to do them any harm even when she is ordered to do so.


Intellectual Abilities

Vermouth is cunning and intelligent, being able to single-handedly analyze outcomes and manipulate situations to her advantage. As an info gathering specialist, Vermouth specializes in reconnaissance and infiltration, and has been shown to work very swiftly yet cautiously to acquire information. Vermouth's confidence, knowledge and her proper utilization of skills also allows her to execute bold plans that put her in very close contact with her targets and advance her schemes even without the aid of other members of the syndicate.

Physical Abilities

Vermouth's trademark is being able to mimic anyone's appearance and voice exactly with her disguise and acting skills even after observing them for only a short period of time. Vermouth's disguising ability using latex masks has been noted by Conan to be on par with the current Kaitou Kid. Although she may have known how to disguise prior to meeting Toichi Kuroba, she studied the finer arts of disguise under him alongside Yukiko. Jodie Starling once referred to Vermouth's disguise abilities as a frightening type of perfection.

Vermouth is quite strong and has developed a high pain tolerance. While she was disguised as a serial killer in New York City, Vermouth athletically vaults up from the railing of the stairwell to a higher ground despite being shot in the side by Akai. At some point, she also shot herself in the leg in order to avoid the effects of sleeping gas, and was able to limp to a phone booth despite being injured, with several broken ribs caused by Akai and with a deep scratch on her right shoulder caused by Jodie.

Vermouth is also skilled when it comes to firearms. As Vermouth pulled away in Jodie's car with broken ribs after her flak jacket absorbed a close range shotgun blast, she managed to aim a handgun backwards with her left hand. While driving a car she was not used to and by utilizing its side mirror, Vermouth was able to shoot a car's gas tank standing 100 yards away, causing it to explode and prevent the FBI from following her, leaving Akai impressed.

Plot Overview

Haibara Arc

Hotel Party Murder Case

The Boss orders the assassination of the Politician Shigehiko Nomiguchi after the police found out that he was accepting bribes to keep sensitive information. Conan and Haibara, who coincidentally found Gin's car, planted a transmitter inside the vehicle and overheard Gin and Pisco's conversation about the assassination plot, leading them to a mourning party in Haido City Hotel. The two failed to stop the assassination, however, Conan was able to narrow down the suspects to those with purple handkerchiefs which included Chris Vineyard, a 29 year old American Actress. Conan, using Shinichi's voice, then instructs Inspector Megure to hold all participants with a purple handkerchief for questioning.

Chris, anticipating that the police plans to arrest the person who does have their purple handkerchief on them, gives Pisco her purple handkerchief to avoid exposure and mislead the investigation further. Despite assisting Pisco, however, he was still cornered by Conan who reveals the trick that Pisco used to execute the murder.

Moments later, Gin reveals that Pisco screwed up and that he was accidentally caught on camera in the act of committing the murder. Fearing that Pisco may expose the Black Organization's existence and goals to the public, the Boss ordered Gin to silence him and his family, which the latter does even though Pisco knew who Sherry is.

At the end of the case, Gin and Vodka pick up Chris Vineyard, who is revealed to be the Black Organization Member "Vermouth". She flew over from America to aid Pisco in the operation. Rather than fly back, Vermouth says that she wants to stay in Japan for a while as something made her mind unsettled, possibly referring Conan and Ai Haibara whom she recognized as Shinichi and Shiho.

Vermouth Arc

School Play Case

Prior to this case, Vermouth takes the place of Tomoaki Araide to further investigate Conan and Haibara at close proximity. Soon afterwards, the FBI who had followed her from America raid Araide’s office and see the pictures of Conan, Ran, and Sherry that Vermouth had tacked to her dartboard.

At some point later, it was revealed that Araide will substitute for the school drama’s Black Knight role who will kiss Ran. Conan, troubled by the occurrence, devices a plan to prevent Ran from kissing Araide and to clear Ran's suspicions about his true identity. Conan then takes the APTX 4869 Antidote recently developed by Haibara and temporarily reverts back to Shinichi. He participates in the school play as the Black Knight, where he solves a murder case that occurs during the performance. Araide was supposed to be the Black Knight, but traded places with Shinichi who already knew the script. Vermouth, as Araide, then sees Shinichi in his grown teenager form.

Bus Hijacking Case

At a bar after completing an assassination, Gin and Vodka are approached by Vermouth in a waiter's disguise who plans on teasing them. Vodka is fooled, but Gin figures her out instantly and is unamused. He asks if she has found what she was looking for in Japan yet, but Vermouth plays coy about her goal and flirts with Gin instead.

Araide, who was following Conan and Haibara, ride a bus which gets hijacked. Jodie and Akai also board the bus in an attempt to capture Vermouth. While in the vehicle, Haibara reveals that she sensed another Black Organization Member with Pisco back at the mourning party in Haido City Hotel. However, she does not tell Conan that it was Vermouth. Soon after, Haibara senses Vermouth’s presence on the bus, making her shiver. Dr. Araide jumps into protect Conan when one of the hijackers threatens to kill him.

At the end of the case, Vermouth slips away from the questioning after noticing Jodie and Akai's plot to capture her. She then steals the records of Kogoro Mouri's cases from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department after the bus jack.

Sato's Omiai Case

Araide comes to a Japanese restaurant for an unknown reason. Akai heads to the restaurant as well to investigate Vermouth. Conan, not suspecting Araide at this point, ruffles Araide’s hair, takes his glasses off, and uses his voice changer so the Araide’s silhouette looks like Police Officer Takagi’s. Vermouth realizes the ploy and cooperates.

Missing Watch Case

Wataru Takagi tells Conan that after the bus jack, Kogoro's case records were stolen from the police headquarters and was later returned by an unknown individual. It was later revealed to be Vermouth who stole Kogoro's files, who needed to get information on Araide’s case so she could testify at the trial properly. She also intended to lure the FBI out by getting them to watch Mouri Detective Agency.

Escalator Message Case

Vermouth is seen writing a somewhat teasing letter to Gin. She has pictures of Shiho with and X drawn through it, Conan with the caption “Cool Guy”, and Ran with the caption “Angel”. She then throws a dart at the Shiho picture and strikes the center of the X.

Flying Neighbor Case

Conan informs Professor Hiroshi Agasa about the Kogoro's stolen case files which was then returned after a while, although Conan is unsure of why.

Soccer Supporter Case

Conan recalls the events of the Bus Hijacking Case and remembers when Haibara senses another Black Organization Member riding with them on the bus. He also recalls the events of the Hotel Party Murder Case and suspects that someone must have assisted Pisco to acquire another purple handkerchief. He then suspects Chris Vineyard, who was not appeared publicly since the event, and secretly asks Professor Agasa to look into her profile.

Golden Apple Case

Ran loses consciousness due to her illness and reminisces about her past with Shinichi in New York. One year ago prior to the current timeline, Shinichi, Ran, and Yukiko visit New York City to see the Broadway Production: "Golden Apple", after getting tickets from Sharon Vineyard, Vermouth's current persona. Upon arriving, Sharon greets Yukiko disguised as the Police Inspector Radish Redwood in order to keep Yukiko from getting a traffic ticket. Sharon then talks about her troubled past, her parents' death, her daughter Chris Vineyard, and her disguise techniques which she learned from Toichi Kuroba. Eventually, Sharon, Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran head to the backstage to meet with the actresses. After Ran knocked one of the actresses out of the way of a falling suit of armor, Sharon gives her a handkerchief for her scraped arm. Sharon then leaves after the occurrence, saying she has something to take care of and has a bad feeling about that night.

After leaving Yukiko, Shinichi, and Ran at the theater, Sharon disguises herself as a wanted silver haired male serial killer to lure out Shuichi Akai and kill him. However, Vermouth underestimates Akai and gets on the side. Vermouth then escapes, but Akai continues to look for her. Vermouth hides in an empty building, however, she is discovered by Shinichi who went to retrieve the handkerchief that Sharon gave to Ran. Ran Mouri then goes searching for Shinichi after being told by Akai to leave since a serial killer was on the loose around the area. On the external stairwell several floors up, Ran comes face to face with Vermouth disguised as the silver haired serial killer with Shinichi in hot pursuit from above. Vermouth prepares to kill Ran with a silenced handgun, but the railing she is leaning on breaks. Ran instinctively grabs Vermouth's arm to stop her from falling and with Shinichi's help Vermouth launches herself back up onto the stairwell. She demands to know why Shinichi and Ran saved her, and Shinichi answers: "Is a reason necessary? I don't know why you would kill someone, but as for helping someone, a logical mind isn't needed, right?"

Ran collapses and Vermouth levels her gun at Shinichi, but Shinichi warns her off as it is unsilenced and she will be caught if she fires. Shinichi carries Ran away, leaving Vermouth to contemplate the conversation.

Vermouth then clears the stairwell and building of blood and fingerprints and later, the body of the real silver haired man was found when the police arrive. The death was ruled a suicide but later, Shinichi Kudo hypothesizes that Vermouth sacrificed the man in order to cover her trail. Sharon and Yukiko talk the next day by phone while Sharon clutches her side in the precise location where she was shot. She then asks Yukiko to tell Ran that there was an angel for her, reigniting her faith. After this, Vermouth refers to Ran as "Angel" and Shinichi as "Cool Guy".

Haunted Apartment Case

Ran talks to Shinichi on the phone about the New York Case, Sharon’s handkerchief, and the mysterious serial killer. Shinichi then reveals that he looked into the case and discovered that the serial killer’s blood and fingerprints had all been wiped before the police arrived which makes no sense for someone committing suicide. He also asked the local police to look into it, but nothing turned up.

Vermouth, as Araide, then treats Ran in a clinic after finding out that she had collapsed. One of Araide's patients then states that the doctor has been strange, indicating Vermouth's difficulty acting in character.

Footsteps of Darkness

While Conan and Agasa investigate Suguru Itakura, one of his diary entries reveals that he had been corresponding with Vermouth about a year ago. Vermouth, who was working with Tequila, demanded Itakura to complete a program he had stopped developing for the sake humanity. Itakura questioned the woman angrily about “Who the hell she thinks she is?!” to which she replied in English, "We can be both God and Devil since we are trying to raise the dead against the stream of time".

Four Porsches Case

Conan and Agasa decided to bring a very sick Haibara to the clinic, but the clinic happened to be filled and they had to wait at least two hours before their turn. They then decided to first have lunch at a nearby shopping mall. Later, Conan and Agasa meet Ran, Sonoko and Jodie at a restaurant while Haibara rested in Agasa's car. He was then interviewed by a TV crew and decided to return to the car and bring Haibara away as he knew he could have been spotted by people from the Black Organization through television. However, when he returned to the car park, a man was found dead and Conan has to solve the case.

Since the exit was blocked by the police, Agasa and Haibara could not leave the shopping mall's car park. Agasa then decides to call Dr. Araide as Haibara's condition worsens.

After Conan solves the case, he rushes back to Agasa's car but both of them have been disappered. Agasa then tells him that they have gone back to his house with Jodie's help. While Araide and Jodie treat Haibara well, Vermouth bugs Agasa's residence and discovers that Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo and Ai Haibara is Shiho Miyano.

Vermouth is later seen in her office pouring herself a drink. She announces to herself that she has found Sherry and is coming for her. She then takes Sherry's picture off the dartboard and burns it.

Bathroom Murder Case

Vermouth listens in Conan and Agasa’s discussion about an architect friend of Professor Atsushi Miyano. Conan is aware about the bugs, but does not remove them since he was not sure of the consequences might be. Later, Vermouth contacts Calvados and tells him to finish off someone.

Halloween Party Case

Vermouth sends a signed off-season Halloween Oarty invitation to Kogoro and Conan addressed for Shinichi Kudo, challenging them to solve a murder on the ship. Conan asks Haibara who is still sick about the name Vermouth, and learns from her reaction that it is the Codename of one of the Black Organization Members. Agasa’s Residence is still bugged and Conan takes advantage of that to manipulate Vermouth into believing he is going to go to the party. Conan knows at this time Vermouth wants to avoid catching him up in her plan to capture Sherry because of the events at New York in the Golden Apple case.

Gin was then been by the Boss to look into Vermouth’s movements related to the Halloween Party and tells Vodka to board the ship and investigate. He has no idea what Vermouth is doing but tells Vodka to kill her if she does anything weird even if she is the Boss’s Favorite.

Heiji Hattori disguised as Shinichi Kudo under a layer of bandages boards the ghost ship. Vodka in costume boards as well. A murder takes place on the ghost ship as Vermouth said. Back at Agasa's house, Conan has been disguised as Haibara by Yukiko, and he has locked the real Haibara in the basement to keep her safe. However, Conan doesn't know that Haibara broke the lock as she believed that dying at the hands of Vermouth would prevent further complications. Vermouth, as Araide, then calls Agasa’ and initiates her plan believing Haibara should now be alone, and the disguised Conan answers. Araide says he is coming to pick up Haibara since her condition does not seem to get any better, to which Conan agrees.

Jodie, trying to protect Haibara after hearing Vermouth and Conan's conversation through the bugs, picks up Conan disguised as Haibara before Araide can get there. Araide sees Jodie pulling away and he follows. Conan then notices Araide is following. Unknown to all parties involved, Ran is hiding in Jodie's trunk.

During the car ride, Conan tells Jodie that he will trust her if she can force Araide to reveal that she is Vermouth, to which Jodie agrees. Araide and Jodie arrive at the docks. Araide stays in character and Jodie sets a trap for him using the story about the murder at the Araide Residence. Vermouth does not know that the police and the murderer put together a false investigation to protect the maid Hikaru as she was the one who flipped the switch that caused the electrocution. Vermouth falls for the trap and Jodie tells the truth. Araide then removes her mask, revealing her identity as the Black Organization Member Vermouth.

A flashback reveals that 20 years prior to the current timeline, Vermouth killed Jodie's Father who was in the FBI investigating her. After Vermouth killed Jodie's father, she inadvertently handled Jodie’s Father’s glasses barehanded which had fallen off of him and got her fingerprints on them. Unexpectedly, a little Jodie came in and saw Vermouth holding the glasses. When Vermouth left after setting the house on fire, she did not anticipate that Jodie left to get juice, taking her father’s glasses with her and thus preserving her fingerprint. After she discovered Jodie's corpse was not found in the house, Vermouth looked for the girl desperately in order to rectify her mistake, but Jodie had since been put into the FBI's Witness Protection Program.

Back at the Halloween Party, murder on the ghost ship was solved by Hattori Heiji and the murderer reveals someone named Vermouth forced him to commit the crime. The man who had resentment for the victim posted in a murder forum that he wanted to kill him. Someone named Vermouth had replied back and asked if he would be willing to kill the victim if Vermouth provided the technique and the tools to do so. The murderer refused, but then Vermouth mailed him pictures of him and his family, tapes of intercepted phone calls, and detailed notes of the his families' daily actions. The parcel came with a threat that if the man didn't carry out the murder or reported Vermouth to the police, he and his family would die. Vodka overhears this and presumably reports it to Gin who reports to the Boss.

It is also revealed that Vermouth visited Araide's Clinic with only a cold intending to kill Araide and impersonate him. The FBI, anticipating Vermouth's agenda, faked Araide and his family’s deaths by having doubles drive his car off the road in front of Vermouth’s car. Vermouth was then fooled and took advantage of the accident to replace Araide.

Jodie proceeds to ask Vermouth some questions which Vermouth does not answer. Jodie asks if Haibara and the woman in the picture called Sherry are the same person. She then asks about Ran and Conan's pictures, labelled as "Angel" and "Cool Guy" respectively. Jodie also asks why Vermouth protected Conan during the bus jack case. She reveals that Sharon and Chris Vineyard are the same person and asks why Vermouth does not appear to age.

Jodie then calls out for her fellow FBI Agents to arrest Vermouth. However, Vermouth had come to the spot ahead of time disguised as Jodie and had sent all the FBI Agents waiting out in advance away. Instead, Calvados, a Black Organization Sniper infatuated with Vermouth, is waiting instead and shoots Jodie. Vermouth prepares to kill Jodie but was interrupted when Conan kicks her gun away with a soccer ball and removes his Haibara disguise. The real Haibara also arrives after tracking Conan with the tracing glasses, much to Conan's surprise.

Conan, distracted by Haibara, is shot with his own stun-gun wristwatch by Vermouth. Vermouth then prepares to kill Haibara, telling her "to blame your parents who took over this foolish research." At that moment, Ran leaps out of Jodie's trunk and tackles Haibara to shield her from the bullets. Vermouth orders Calvados to stop shooting at Ran, and screams at "Angel" to move away from Haibara since she is unwilling to kill Ran because of her rescue during the case in New York.

Shuichi Akai sneaks up Calvados and disables him. Jodie then moves out of the sniper's range and shoots Vermouth in the shoulder. Akai appears and surprises Vermouth. He proceeds to insult her by calling her a "Rotten Apple" provoking Vermouth to shoot him, but Akai fires with his gun first and wounds Vermouth badly. Akai shows Jodie that the shotgun scared Vermouth's face, revealing that she isn't wearing a mask to hide her age. To escape, Vermouth kidnaps the unconscious Conan and while escaping with Jodie's Car, she shoots the gas tank of her own car to prevent being followed.

She then receives a text from the Boss telling her, "It looks like I have given you too much freedom. Come back to my side, Vermouth." She replies to the Boss' text and Conan records the sounds of the dialed number. Conan, who has woken up some time before, threatens Vermouth to take him to the Boss or he will transmit the Boss's Cell Phone Number. Vermouth then escapes via sleeping gas and shooting herself in the leg to keep herself awake while Conan dozes off. She destroys the recorder Conan has with him, but he remembers the Boss’s Cell Phone Number by sound anyway. She also leaves her coat on Conan to prevent him from getting cold.

After escaping from Conan, she calls Gin from a payphone and tells him to pick her up, saying she had been caught by Shuichi Akai and wounded by him. Gin asks her if she knows someone named Shinichi Kudo and she lies, saying she does not know. She leaves with the thought that Shinichi Kudo, since he could touch her heart, might be the Silver bullet that could destroy the Black Organization.

Kir Arc

Black Organization vs. FBI

The Boss orders the assassination of the Politician Yasuteru Domon, Target Codename "DJ", and Gin coordinates the mission. The primary plan did not involve Vermouth, instead Kir would lure the target, DJ, to sit on a bench where Chianti and Korn would snipe him. Chianti is very displeased that Vermouth is present, believing that she manipulated Calvados' infatuation to use him in an irresponsible plan that got him killed. Vermouth then teases Chianti by blowing her a kiss and wishing her good luck to spite her. Chianti and Korn would later comment to each other in private their desire to kill Vermouth even though she is the Boss' Favorite. Vermouth sat in the back of Gin's car in the parking lot during the discussion of the primary plan and was shocked to see Conan and Jodie arrive in Agasa's car to to intercept the assassination. She says nothing to Gin and Vodka and instead wonders how Conan will manage.

The failure of the primary plan due to Conan and Jodie's intervention pushed the Black Organization to follow their backup plan. They assemble in an abandoned warehouse to discuss the details wherein: Vermouth on a motorbike, in disguise as Kiriko Busujima - a political opponent of DJ, will crash in front of DJ's car. The Black Organization anticipated that DJ, who has a strong sense of justice, will come out of his car to check the situation which will give them an opening to assassinate the politician. When DJ exits the car, Kir will come up from behind and shoot him while Chianti and Korn provide cover. As the planning wrapped up, a certain comment from Kir prompts Vermouth to ask if she was a NOC, which Kir denies offhand.

The Black Organization Members then go on their separate ways to initiate the backup plan. However, the plan was never executed as Kir was captured by the FBI on the way to the rendezvous point. Gin then discovers the tracker on Kir's shoe that allowed Conan to overhear the plan and contacts the Boss who calls off the assassination, approving a new target: Kogoro Mouri whom Gin believes is the tracker's owner. Conan arrives just in time to block the snipers' shot, and Gin tells Chianti and Korn to kill him along with Kogoro. Vermouth objects to this assassination, pointing out he is heavily involved with the police. Gin then asks her at gunpoint if there is something between her and Kogoro, to which Vermouth answers "My, my, if there was, what would you do?", flaunting her untouchable status as the Boss' Favorite. Vermouth's reply satisfies Gin enough to take his gun off of her, but not enough to call off the murder. Shuichi Akai's timely interference then stops the assassination completely and the Black Organization retreats. While in the car, Vermouth points out that everything that happened so far seemed to be a trap set up by the FBI with Kogoro as the bait. Vermouth's explanation seems to satisfy everyone, however, Gin still has some residual suspicion on Kogoro Mouri.

Mysterious Job Case

As part of the Black Organization's mission to uncover the fate and whereabouts of Kir who was captured by the FBI, Vermouth most likely followed a clue from a homepage made by a fan of Rena Mizunashi and interrogated a kid named Toji Funemoto who was present during Kir’s motorcycle incident. She discovers that Kir was injured and is most likely in a hospital. Acting on this intelligence, the Black Organization began dispatching agents to search hospitals in secret.

Kir Transport Case

Vermouth was ordered by the Boss to find and follow Akai's Chevrolet while the FBI transports Kir away from Haido City Hospital with three vans, with two being a decoy. She was late to report since Akai parked far from the hospital, much to Gin's annoyance.

Foreign Suspect Case

After Kir's assassination of Akai at Raiha Pass, Vermouth sneaks up and examines on Jodie Starling and James Black's reactions when Akai was reported to have died, seemingly in order to test if Akai's death was genuine. She thinks to herself that the remaining "Silver Bullet", Conan Edogawa, is enough to take down the Black Organization.

Bourbon Arc

Department Store Bomber Case

At some point later, Vermouth was approached by Bourbon with a request. Bourbon did not initially believe that Shuichi Akai died that easily, so he had the idea to disguise as Akai to uncover the truth. He would then approach Akai's friends and colleagues and observe their reactions to him. Bourbon asked Vermouth for her disguise assistance, and also made a promise to Vermouth, perhaps in exchange for her help. The Boss then approved their plan out of an abundance of caution, however, Vermouth and Bourbon failed to tell Gin and the other members about it. Vermouth then disguises Bourbon as "Scar Akai" with a large scar on his face.

When the Black Organization reportedly spots Scar Akai in Beika Deparment Store, Gin attempts to have him assassinated. Vermouth then pulls up in front of Gin as Scar Akai leaves the department store, warning him not to shoot Scar Akai since he is Bourbon in disguise. When Gin asks Vermouth if she had the Boss's approval for their plan, she gives an affirmative and mentions the plan was an extra precaution to make sure Shuichi Akai was truly dead since the Boss is an overly cautious person.

Online Client

Vermouth calls Bourbon while overlooking the traffic-accident in the aftermath of a case where Conan had been taken hostage. Amuro then answers the call. Vermouth told Bourbon that had he had "gained some trust" and she hoped that he would keep the promise he made to her.

Mystery Train

When Bourbon uncovered a video of Shiho Miyano showing that she was going to be on the Bell Tree Express, he reported it to Vermouth, who then relays it to Gin. While Gin and Vermouth converse about the discovery, he was pleased and confided that she might have been hiding sympathy for Shiho. Vermouth tells Gin that showing mercy for Shiho is nonsense, and orders him not to interfere with her plans until the train arrives at its final destination. Bourbon and Vermouth then decided to team up in order to capture Shiho. Although Bourbon wanted to capture Shiho alive, Vermouth intended to kill her and had altered Bourbon's plan without telling him.

It was decided that Vermouth, who could impersonate Akai's voice, would don the Scar Akai disguise and use it to trick Masumi Sera so they could get her out of the way and intimidate Shiho into fleeing to part of the train where Bourbon would lay in wait. Vermouth figured that Haibara would take an antidote and revert back to Shiho to avoid revealing her de-aged state, and she would then run away from her friends to prevent them from being placed in danger. Strategically placed smoke canisters would simulate a fire in the back carriages of the train. The known pyrophobic along with Bourbon yelling fire, would cause all the other passengers to evacuate forward while Shiho would run towards the back of the train to end her misery. Bourbon would then confront her alone in the back carriage, knock her out, move her to the luggage car, and detach it with a small bomb so that a helicopter trailing the train could retrieve her alive. This would also stop the train from arriving at the final destination in Nagoya where Gin has planted a large amount of C-4 to blow the entire train up. Unbeknownst to Bourbon, Vermouth had already modified his plan by filling the luggage car with Gin's leftover C-4 so she could detonate the bombs and kill Shiho as soon as Bourbon detached the carriage.

When the Bell Tree Express departs, Vermouth and Bourbon follow their intended plans. Vermouth had bugged Agasa's room to keep abreast of what the Detective Boys were doing. Vermouth then intimidates Haibara by glaring at her in passing while disguised as Scar Akai and sends her a threatening text message. Haibara, as expected, attempts to flee from her friends. What Vermouth did not anticipate was a murder taking place in the train, leaving a vacant room for Shiho to hide in. Vermouth's expectations also did not include Conan, Yukiko, and Subaru Okiya were working together to foil their plan, and that Kaitou Kid was on-board scoping the train for an upcoming heist. Haibara then goes to the empty room where Yukiko intercepts her and tells their own plan.

Meanwhile, Bourbon informs Vermouth about Masumi and prepares to intercept the obstacle. Yukiko then crosses paths with Vemrouth and challenges her to a "Battle of Wits" where Vermouth would have to truly give up on Shiho forever if Conan outsmarted her on the train. Vermouth then confronts Masumi, knocks her out with a stun gun, and moves her in an isolated room. Vermouth then mails Bourbon that she had "removed the obstacle, so the rest should go as planned".

Fearing Yukiko's plan, Vermouth looks up Yukiko's room on the passengers list and searches through her cabin. She finds supplies that Yukiko seemed to be intending to use and disguise as Shiho to fake her death, which Vermouth disposes out of the train. Yukiko then confronts Vermouth directly by calling her "Sharon" and Vermouth immediately rips off her Scar Akai mask. Vermouth then expresses her surprise on how Yukiko is involved in the battle between Conan and the Black Organization. Yukiko then taunts Vermouth over her un-aging state, and that the great "Sharon Vineyard" was nothing more than makeup. Vermouth, who seems to be dodging the topic of her un-aging state, proceeds to question Yukiko about her plan. Yukiko teasingly reveals a few details such as Masumi being retrieved from Vermouth's room already. Yukiko then returns to the topic of Vermouth's un-aging, explaining that her side has an advantage over Vermouth since for some unknown reason, Vermouth does not want her un-aging state revealed and has kept Conan's and Haibara's state a secret from the Black Organization. Yukiko continues by drawing the connection to Suguru Itakura, a CG Creator who had worked with Sharon before in some movies containing visual effects. Concluding her explanation, Yukiko states that Vermouth had ordered some software from Itakura and wonders if the program is relevant to Vermouth's state and secret-keeping.

Not wanting to continue with Yukiko's line of questioning, Vermouth cuts Yukiko off by drawing her gun, revealing that she has seen through her "fruitcake of a plan". Vermouth explains how she knew Yukiko intended to disguise as Shiho and pretend to be killed, and she ruined it by throwing all Yukiko's disguise materials out. When Yukiko gets a call from Conan, Vermouth takes the phone from Yukiko and answers it with her voice. Conan, pretending to be panicked, announces he can't find Haibara anywhere. Falsely thinking Conan was deceived, Vermouth hangs up, and then explains her and Bourbon's plan to Yukiko. Vermouth activates the smoke canisters, and as predicted, everyone flees to the front of the train to avoid the fire except for "Shiho", who is actually Kaitou Kid in disguise, who runs to the back of the train. Bourbon then confronts her there and forces the fake Shiho into the luggage car, where she reveals that Vermouth had tricked Bourbon and planted bombs to kill her. Bourbon tries to get Shiho to leave with him, but Shiho shuts herself in, and Akai separates the train cars like Bourbon originally intended with a grenade. Hearing the explosion, Vermouth triggers her bombs to detonate and blow up the luggage car that the fake Shiho is in. Yukiko then acts defeated and Vermouth leaves the train triumphant. When the train stops prematurely, Vermouth quickly disguises herself as a woman with braids to avoid recognition and realizes she had been tricked when she sees Haibara exhausted over Agasa's shoulder. She figures out Kaitou Kid had posed as Shiho Miyano and escaped the luggage car before it exploded. She also realizes that Conan had feigned ignorance on the phone earlier so that Yukiko could continue stalling her in the room. She then congratulates Yukiko for "excellent casting". Bourbon, who had seen the figure of Akai through the smoke, asks Vermouth if he can review the files on Akai's death again, to which Vermouth agrees.

Tennis Meetup

While taking a bath, Vermouth contacts Bourbon through phone and asks him on how longer he plans monitoring Kogoro's action. She also lies about Shiho by reassuring him that the renegade scientist is dead, keeping her promise to Yukiko about laying off Sherry. Bourbon then replies how his interest has been piqued by "Sleeping Kogoro" while thinking about Conan, implying that he hasdeduced the secret behind the "Sleeping Kogoro" act.

A Shrine to Remember

Conan arranges a secret meeting with Jodie at a shrine, informing her about the "Akai" they saw was actually Bourbon in disguise observing their reactions. He also tells Jodie that Bourbon currently works at Café Poirot, which is located just below Mouri Detective Agency, and demands to have him investigated. Vermouth then assists Bourbon in order to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Elementary Teacher Assault

Jodie talks on the phone with her friend Natsuko Shibuya, a Teitan High School Teacher who taught Jodie how to speak Japanese. On the following night, Bourbon is seen talking to Vermouth about Natsuko, who is meant to come and meet him. Vermouth questions Bourbon as to what piece he is trying to fill by using Natsuko, but before he answers, they hear a noise as if someone has been pushed down some stairs. They both leave the car to see what has happened, and as they approach the body, they find out that the person Natsuko Shibuya, who they were speaking of. The operatives then flee the area as Vermouth does not want to be involved with the police.

The next day, Bourbon stops Camel in front of the hospital and questions him as to what happened to Rikumichi Kusuda. Camel, aware that Amuro is a Black Organization Member, dodges the question and leaves. Bourbon, anticipating Camel's response, had Vermouth disguise as Jodie and question him about the person of interest. Andre Camel was then tricked into revealing certain details about the death of Kusuda, leaving Bourbon and Vermouth satisfied.

Scarlet Showdown

Conan and Jodie hurriedly runs to Camel and reveals that the "Jodie" whom Camel talked to was actually Vermouth in disguise, much to Camel's dismay. Vermouth is then picked up by Bourbon outside the hospital and reveals that Kusuda shot himself in his car. She then asks Bourbon who Rikumichi Kusuda is and why is he important in completing his puzzle. Bourbon smiles and states that Akai also died the same way, hinting that Akai may still be alive. Vermouth, however, does not believe him as Akai's death was verified by both the Japanese Police and FBI. Bourbon then heads to the Kudo Residence in secret and discovers that Shuichi Akai is still alive, a crucial intel which he kept secret from the Black Organization after Akai revealed his true identity and allegiance.

The next day, Vermouth is seen being chauffeured by Bourbon along the highway. Vermouth laughs as Bourbon lies about Akai being dead, convinced that she was right all along. Bourbon then reveals that there is a secret relationship between Vermouth and the Boss, which he uses to blackmail her into enlisting her assistance whenever he needs help with his investigations. A taunted Vermouth immediately held Bourbon on gun point, to which Bourbon responded that her secret has been arranged to be revealed if something were to happen to him. Vermouth then drops her gun upon realizing this fact and informs him about Gin's concern related to the increasing number of rats in the organization, naming: Shuichi Akai, Ethan Hondou and Scotch.

Rum Arc

A Song Named ASACA

Vermouth and Bourbon were sent to investigate Rokumichi Hado's song named ASACA, possibly referencing to the dying message "ASACA RUM" left by Kohji Haneda 17 years ago. Sonoko Suzuki, who uses her connections in the Suzuki Group, then invites Ran, Conan and Okiya to watch Hado rehearse with his new upcoming release. Conan and Okiya, who is both intrigued with the title "ASACA", also thought that the song could be related to the mysterious events of 17 years ago and decided to investigate as well. Upon arriving, Conan is surprised with Bourbon's presence and realized that the Azusa Enomoto that they were with was actually Vermouth in disguise, deducing that the Black Organization must have reached the same conclusion as "ASACA RUM" and is investigating that matter.

After a murder occurs in the theater, Vermouth goes on to stop Ran by saying her nickname "Angel", which made Ran remember her previous encounter with Vermouth. Ran then confronts Azusa about her identity and Vermouth warns her not to get further involved with them. Vermouth then states to herself that Ran is one of the two treasures that she is willing to protect, with the other being Conan Edogawa.

Sisters' Birthday Party Murder Case

While Mary reminisces about the past, it was revealed that months into the current timeline, Vermouth disguised herself as Tsutomu Akai in order to lure Mary Sera out into the open at Vauxhall Bridge. She intended to take Mary's place and infiltrate the MI6. However, as complications went underway, Vermouth forcibly drugged her with APTX 4869 which made her shrink into her childhood state.

Yusaku Kudo's TV Show Case

After investigating Yusaku Kudo, Vermouth rendezvous with Gin and Vodka in his Porsche 365 A. Upon arriving, Gin asks her why she was late. Vermouth then mentions that she ordered by Rum to investigate a certain individual whom he considers a threat to the Black Organization. She also comments that the reconnaissance was a let down which made her decide not to kill the person of interest, but states that she can eliminate him anytime if necessary.

FBI Serial Murder Case

Vermouth appears to decode the FBI's communication cipher while attempting to track them down. When the FBI planted a fake code, Rum was able to detect such anomaly and used it to counter-trap the FBI instead. She then joins Kir to intercept Camel, causing him to fall into sea. Gin then decides to search for Camel and heads to Umizarujima Island where they split up. However, they were fooled into thinking that they have successfully eliminated Camel. Vermouth then shows Camel's photo to Korn and remembers that he is the same person that Rum instructed him to assassinate two years ago.


  • Vermouth is an aromatized, fortified wine flavored with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs and spices).
  • Vermouth's Vehicles are a Purple Burgundy Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSC and a Yellow De Tomaso Pantera.
  • Vermouth's Hair Color has drastically been changed throughout the Anime:
    • Vermouth's Hair Color was actually Blond, as shown in Episode 178.
    • Vermouth's Hair Color later becomes Silver, as shown in Episode 345.
  • Vermouth's Voice Actress, Mami Koyama, was the former wife of Bourbon's Voice Actor, Tohru Furuya.
  • Vermouth is the only Black Organization Member who met a major part of the main characters while disguised as Tomoaki Araide.
  • Many people spoke well about Tomoaki Araide without knowing that he was actually Vermouth in disguise; making the real Tomoaki Araide wonder if Vermouth was truly an evil person. These people including their remarks are the following:
    • Ran Mouri: "Dr. Araide is a truly nice person, right?"
    • Kazumi Tsukamoto: "You still have that look of an Angel, Dr. Araide"
    • Teitan High School Principal: "Thanks to the exercise you taught me, my waist feels much better!"
  • Vermouth is right-handed.
  • Vermouth calls Ran Mouri, "angel"


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